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Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo has been specially co-created with the world-leading Sunsilk hair expert Jamal Hammadi. Made with Amla Pearl Complex, this hair shampoo removes dirt and residue to reveal your hairs natural shine and give you that long healthy hair youve always wanted. 

3 Rating out of 98 Votes

Nitin Agarwal | 20-Feb-2013

Amazing product and after sample and try team sent me the sample , i have been using this black n shine shampoo thanks for sending this sample infact all of us are using it in the family

Nayan Shah | 18-Jan-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Dove

I got my 1st sample of sunsilk from sample and try before few days only. this was my 1st expeience with sample and try. and i succecced. love you sample and try. hope ill get many more from sample and try.

SUNITA MISHRA | 26-Nov-2012

Good conditioner for long hair &

Reena Patel | 19-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : clinic plus

superb n extra ordinary shampoo..sunsilk make my hair more smoothly..sunsilk make my hair more shiny than other one...condioner is also gud..make hair more shine n healthy..

Anand Kothari | 25-Sep-2012

it is very good to see that the product sample is delivered timely when i use this product my hair becomes soften glowing thanks for the product . i like to buy this product in future

Md Atif | 03-Jul-2012


Mohammed Vadheria | 22-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : pantaine

feels very good after washing hair with sunsilk shampoo. its makes very soft hair. i will recomened all to use the same. i am switching to this product.

Rajiv V | 05-Mar-2012

Nice inexpensive shampoo, leaves hair soft and silky with nice aura. Sunsilk does also contain conditioner, so it won't be necessary to buy a conditioner.

Chirag Jethmalani | 03-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dove

It's a good product launch by Sunsilk. It definitely needed an improvement in this cut throat age of marketing and competition. It would have to keep working hard though if it needs to lead the race. With respect to the sample approach adopted, I think it acts as a great facet for the customer to try something new before actually spending his hard earned money on it.

Sandeep Garg | 22-Feb-2012

It was really nice to use the sunsilk stunning black shine shampoo which provided a healthy look to my hairs. I have not regularly started using the same.

Bakshish Kaur | 11-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dove

Awesome product. I like it a lot. It gives very nice shine and glow to hair. Also leaves hair detangled. My hair used to be rough before without conditioner but now i get the smooth and silky feel

Sangeeta Gupta | 09-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dove

I used it and it was just like a magic. However, Dove did it better but it was very expensive with Sunsilk there was a different kind of shine in my hair and it's affordable too. Now I've become a permanent user of Sunsilk

Charul Furia | 26-Dec-2011

I felt good after using black shine. Feels more shine and smooth hair. My hair is curly so need more shampoo than normal so i need more quantity of shampoo than others.

Ketan Sheth | 16-Nov-2011

it was very nice to use this product.sample and try helped me to introduce me with sunsilk shampoo. i would like to request sample and try to send me this sample . i would not know the working of sunsilk without getting sample from sample and try THANK YOU sample & try..

Gunjan Pathak | 15-Nov-2011

it was the best... i found it better then other shampoo.... now i use sunsilk only..... thank you sample & try for introducing me with sunsilk.... hope so i get all other product same like this.. if sample & try would not introduce me with sunsilk i would be know the working of this product....

Sanyam Shah | 12-Oct-2011

its good product..but still we dont get that smoothness after using the sampoo.so please do something for it..and products packing should be changed..

Rajni M | 10-Oct-2011

It is just like any other shampoo; did not find it very good. It made my hair very dry. Maybe it is meant for people who have oily hair. the good thing is the hair does not tangle after using this

Rishabh Srivastava | 29-Sep-2011

its really nice and good product which is nice in all means its very nice for those who donot want any kind of expensive product. its cheap and having good smell

Prabha Bonda | 23-Sep-2011

i am not very happy with this shampoo,my previous shampoos is better than this,i dont mean this is a bad shampoo,it is a good one but not suits for my hair type

Prabha Bonda | 23-Sep-2011

I tried this shampoo its working on my hair,i feel my hair looking shiny and very smooth,i am very happy with this shampoo,i would like to continue this shampoo in futre alse,thanks to sample and try

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