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Vatika Smooth & Silky Shampoo

Vatika Smooth & Silky Shampoo is a natural shampoo that conditions from deep within, while gently cleansing and nourishing your hair. Its offers the gentle & caring touch of nature that leave your hair soft, silky and radiant.

It has the perfect balance of natural ingredients like Henna, Green Almonds and Shikakai that turn your dull & lifeless hair into smooth & silky without damaging them.

3 Rating out of 30 Votes

Dinesh Kaushik | 05-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Sunsilk

Vatika smooth & silky shampoo very nice shampoo. i am using from september onward i really like and refers to other friend & relative i really appricate

Sanjay Chugh | 07-Feb-2012 | Brand Used Previously : clinc all clear

not so good as we expected but it is al ight we don't like the packaging and quantity of the sample just as bad as we didn't expected please increase the quantity of the samples and cancel the feedback writing and then next sample coming.

Pravin Wankhade | 30-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Hair & Care

very nice and very effective....wow very silky and smooth vatika sampoo. thanks sample and try its very good for ur service. and hope your service very good in future

Pinky Mamania | 19-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Panteen

i have very much satisfied with your product. it is very good product. thanks for giving me the free sample for use. this product is best for use. please send me the details of related products.

Sam Sam | 07-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Parachute

The shampoo was quite effective as it said to give silky hairs...my hairs turned very smooth and silky after the usage. normally i need to apply extra conditioner with other shampoos but it worked without that..

Bela Shah | 05-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dove

I tried Vatika shampoo for the first time. The fragrance was good and there was sufficient lather. After washing my hair was soft & much silkier then before. Thanks 4 sample

Lalit Thakur | 05-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Head & Soulder

thanks for sample and try sendign me vatika smooth and silky shampoo my wife use it and now i purchase a new pack for them its quality so good but sample pack is very small.

Mani Deep | 04-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : meera shampoo

Its nice.I personally liked it a lot.Thanks a lot to sample and try for giving me such a wonderful product.I nver thought vatika shampoo would be so nice.my hair became very smooth and silky after using this.

Rashmi Menon | 03-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pantene

I used the shampoo, it was very good. It has a beautiful herbal fragrance as well. It left my hair soft & shiny, although I would recommend the use of a conditioner as well. Thank you sample & try

Bhawna Barreja | 03-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Shanti amla

vatika shampoo ..a very good and effective shampoo made my hair really silky ..amazing product from dabur it is a must use product. thanks for sending sample

Vidhi Panjwani | 03-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pantene

thanks for the sample..I used this shampoo..since the texture of my hair is dry after using this shampoo I felt smooth and silky hair..i really liked this product..I would prefer for people who has rough and dry hair.

Madhavi Singla | 01-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : AYUR

very good product. i love the shining of the hair. rich creamy experience. even the fragrance is so good that my child love to use it.best of luck for future

Suneeta Banerjee | 01-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Sunsilk

Vatika shampoo is a natural product.So, I can use it on a regular basis.It keeps my hair sily and strong.For day to day use I think this product is the best one.Anybody can use this without any fear because it does not contain any chemical.

Ankit Prajapati | 01-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : parachute

vatika smooth and silky shampoo is really good and gives a smarter look. it really works very well. i really feel that sample and try is wonderful website that gives us oppurtunity to try products before paying for it

Chakra Diwaker | 28-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : h and s

the shampoo is great. gives a rich texture and fragnance to hair. application doesnt require conditioning if your hair arent extremely dry.

Ashok Khariwal | 28-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : H & S

Dabur is a well known brand and Vatika shampoo is an ayurvedic and non harmful shampoo, it really very effective and its Pure....the amla lemon and shikakai are best for the hair growth and vatika has all in it

Vipin Gupta | 28-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : head & Houlders

I have received my sample for this shampoo Its very Nice.. i like it.. my hair became smooth and silky Thank u so much for sending the sample.. i Got in with in 10 days.

Radhakrishnan N | 28-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : HEAD & SHOULDER

The product that is delivered by sample and try is very good...Vatika is a herbal shampoo. it makes my hairs silky and shiney. All thanks to sample and try for making it easy for us to judge the product before we purchase it.

Karuna Bandarapu | 28-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : chik

vatika smooth & silky shampoo is good for ladies but my husband doesnt like this one.but from now onwards i use this one.because it has lavender smell

Juhi K | 27-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dove

This shampoo is good in quality.after using this shampoo i will use this always.After shampooing my hair my hairs is very smooth n shin.Hairs also look heavy. i will give it full 5 stars. Its very good everyone ask me which shampoo r u using. i always use Dabar brands.

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