Loaded with cooling menthol, Head&Shoulders refreshing gives you the cooling feeling with the anti-dandruff formula you expect. The ActiZinc formula of cool menthol shampoo, with a shot of tingly natural menthol, will get the invigorating job done. After just one use, your scalp and hair will feel clean, refreshed, awake and alive.

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Manoj Kalani | 30-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : FRUTIES


Deepak Bhatia | 23-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : clinic plus

one of the best shampoo i have ever used specially for my hair.it removed my dandruff more than 90%.I would recommend everyone to use this product.............

Gyan Chordia | 13-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : all clear

i have changed my shampoo to heds and shouldres from my old shampoo. it really prevents dandruff. it keeps my scalp itch free. the cool menthol keeps my hed cool and fresh

Guru Senth | 09-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Loreal

Feels good on scalp and refreshing.....Not exceptional...Head and shoulders always reliable as an anti-dandruff...But doesn't make hair smooth and silky like dove....But can try...Some will like..Some not...It's your choice.

Satyendra Verma | 20-Sep-2012

hey this is a great product. I am in love with its fragrance its tangy odour its freshness. Its cool effect on scalp is lovely and you feel energetic and revitalized. I recomend it wholeheartdely. the packing of head & shoulder is also very great. Cool menthol truely deserves its name because you feel menthol smell and its freshness at once you start using it. i feel it is a sure winner product.

Laveena Khattar | 10-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : pantene

really gave a coollllll and relaxing effect......a must in summers.....felt like using everyday.....useful for all age groups...kids even enjoyed washing hair....good combination that frees us from dandruff and also gives a cooling effect

Dharminder Kumar | 08-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : SUNSILK

head & shoulders cool menthol shampoo is a breast freezing shampoo. It was nice to use it. I was having dandruff problem and used many other brancds, but got no solution to dandruff. but after using head & shoulder cool menthol i have got very good results. very nice experience

Meena Chandra | 08-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : dove

It is the best shampoo i have ever used.It smooth up our hair and make it smell good as it contain cool menthol.It is the leading shampoo in market and i think it is the best shampoo in the market.thank you sample and try for sending me this sample.

Saksham Garg | 03-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Clinic All Clear

Received Head and Shoulders shampoo, its a shampoo with cool menthol. giving cool effect with menthol freshness , great shampoo having keep the person cool day

Amit Khanna | 24-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dove

I have earlier been using shampoo of other brand, but on using Head & Shoulders the first thing which I noticed is that itching on my head disappeared. Already shifted to H&S

Neelam Deopura | 15-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dove

It was great experience to use Head & Shoulder-cool Menthol shampoo. It really helped in removing my problem of dandruff. thanks for providing me this sample.

Ankur Aggarwal | 14-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Clinic All Clear

I got this sachet, on-time. Looks good from outside. Shampoo is light and cool, made my hair smooth and the soothing affect of menthol is recommended for summers or after a hectic day at work!

Sathwik Evss | 03-Nov-2011

the product which you had send is very good . it is very cool after putting it .from the day after you send and I started using the same product only i will try to use more of the products which you people send

Yogesh Sonawane | 11-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : nyle herbal

it is cool but yet not effective i purchased it 4 times used it but no benefit we want something that is 100% effective.,price no matter.yat it must be improved,and needs to be worked on its consistency as well.

Mitesh Modi | 08-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : sunsilk

nice product. and now i am using this product. the nice one for cooling.Also halpfull for dandruff controll. but its price is high.if this problem solve this is the best shampoo.

Sourav Kumar | 03-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : sunsilk

it is very refreshing . i feel very cool after washing my hairs but it gives irritation to my eyes it is very good for hairs but firritates when when it goes into eyes

Jit Senapati | 01-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Pantene

Really a very nice shampoo. Very good feel after using the shampoo specially because of the cool menthol ingredients. I would say everyone should try this.

Anuj Abhaya | 28-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pantene

head and shoulders shampoo is too good for m y hair.this is a very useful for my hair.after receiving my sample and using i have purchase a bottle of this form shop which is very important for my hair.

Kiran M | 25-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : clean and clear

i really like the flavour of this shampoo.. its the best ,, its so coolllll....literally .. n so refreshing ..its the best from head and shoulders . smell is long lasting n smoothness is forever

Prachi Aggarwal | 23-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : dove

I tried head and shoulders- cool menthol for the first time. It gives a fresh feeling.... definatly recommended for summers. must try. U'll definatly buy it again

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