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MAGGI Pichkoo is a small doy pack which makes MAGGI Tomato ketchup affordable to a host of new consumers. Along with affordability, it's packaging makes it easy to handle and carry. It's endearing name, packing and great taste evokes a resounding reaction....It's different.

4 Rating out of 3 Votes

Suryakant Bansal | 06-Jul-2012

I ate this sauce and it was so tasty.I have used many products from Maggi. They all are very good. They are really quality product. Maggi pichkoo is very useful to take along on a long journey.

Saket Sharma | 12-Aug-2011

Maggi Pichkoo is too good we are always use big(family) pack of Maggi Pichkoo,we have taste its new flavor Imli Flavor.we can take it while traveling,without maggi pichkoo we cant live.

tanvi rustagi | 04-Jul-2011

meggi pichkoo is very good in taste & easy to carry.there are various varients which are available in market. i like the hot&sour very much.consumer can easiely afford to have pichkoos & at the same time, we check the various varients without spending large money.i love it bcoz i can carry in my office bag.