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Lipton Ice Tea is great tasting and good for you because it is rich in protective antioxidants. This is the perfect drink for your active, healthy lifestyle. It’s available in plastic bottles so you can take it anywhere!

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Ritu Bagga | 28-Jul-2011

The Lipton Ice Tea range is the best processed soft drink I have tasted in a long time. They taste like natural home made ice tea, and the variety of flavours make them irristable.

Sidharth Goel | 28-Jul-2011

i tried this ice tea and it tasted good.everybody should try the small package of same.and i think its healthy also incomparison to other cold drinks and juiced.

rashmi arora | 28-Jun-2011

lux strawberry & cream with fragranced moiturising oils..keeps skin soft and moist..strawberry fragrance stays for a long time.. i like the smell.. good..lux is a brand used by film stars .. nice soap.. thanks for the lux soap..i have decided to buy lux soap after using it..

Jk Nanda | 23-Jun-2011

I have tried this sample, actually the lemon sample and I can say that this is good but more sugar can make it best. So the company Lipton if change add more sugar in it so it will be the best. That what I felt while using this tea. Kindly communicate my feedback to the company Lipton.

Aayush Verma | 19-Jun-2011

It s great in taste but the sugar is a bit less in it! The lemon taste is nice

S Shrivastava | 18-Jun-2011

Very refreshing and convenient to make. A great product!

Abhishek bansal | 18-Jun-2011

With the help of sampleandtry.com i was able to try this amazing product of LIPTON ICE TEA... It' s taste is good and also good for summer..

Sunil Agarwal | 17-Jun-2011

Had a good lemony and tangy taste but can't have more than once at time.