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It has new Active Herbals formula that gives your skin clinically healthy protection and active cure. Say goodbye to varied skin problems and let your skin smile with active health.

4 Rating out of 10 Votes

Ankur Kumar | 11-Oct-2012

A must use cream to combat daily wear & tear faced by our gentle skin.I always carry it in my during my outdoor ventures.Trusted brand of Himani with high quality product.Try it once to feel the difference.

Roma Dhingra | 11-Feb-2012

boroplus cream is too good. when i use it my skin so soft and i feel why shoul i cant buy this product. when i talk about boropuse cream to my friend she could also give me same feedback. thanx for provide me sample so i feel this so good product

Atul Patil | 24-Jul-2011

I have used this after shaving. its an amazing product.now a days any product should not be fora single use, this has to be for multiple usage, this is the best all rounder product

Vaibhav Jain | 08-Jul-2011

I really loved this cream.. used it first time... my skin was glowing after using this cream... good one... hope to get more products for use from this really nice site....

Mehernaaz Mehta | 04-Jul-2011

It is a very effective cream for chapped lips. I appreciated this multipurpose cream. It has a very pleasant fragrance. I was pleased on receiving my free sample and I would appreciate if you offer more such offers of products to sample on your site.

Akash Bothera | 04-Jul-2011

This cream is pretty good especially for my son who keeps falling down in the park/ground and applies this antiseptic cream and feels much better. This smells nice as well. Overall, i would rate it better than other antiseptic creams. The only negative is - it is too solid and could have been better paste or something which just goes into the skin when applied rather than rubbing required.

aditya kumar | 20-Jun-2011

Product is awesome! Fragnence is also good ! after use this feel very soft ( if you use this in hand and shoulder ) Every one should use this ! and recomend to others relative & friends ! All da best ! Keep using !...........................................................

Jayesh Balani | 18-Jun-2011

Its best working on my craked feets and lips, Its smell is also good, I suggest you to not to change anything in this, its the best

Prashant Gupta | 16-Jun-2011

its really nice.thanku very much

Prem Parkash | 16-Jun-2011

I used it on my burned skin, it helped. Its smell is also good, i am looking forward to buy it and use it.