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Expect to be revitalized, for one single serving of Tang is packed with vitamin C, A, B6, Folic acid and Niacin to name a few.

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Vipul Chaudhary | 05-Mar-2013

I ahd used it and it taste Yumm. I should prefer tang at home all the time sure. This is better then any orange drinks available in market. goo to have one any time.

Rashmi Roy | 21-Nov-2012

I don't drink aerated soft drinks. This is like original fruit juice. That's why i liked the drink very much, its a lovely and tasty drink. I would like to suggest for other flavors like pineapple, mango. litchi, etc

Aneesh Jain | 09-Oct-2012

Tang is a very good product. It is healthy, nutritious and tastes good. It is very good for elderly people and kids. I would recommend people to buy it and use it. I am already using it after I tried this.

Asif Sandhi | 11-Aug-2012

is a great one , i started using regular, first i used to take some rifresment but after taking tang i preffer it more than any one , sample & try good job thanks

Anubhav Sharma | 06-Mar-2012

this was good but its taste i did not like much.Although all the vitamins are present in it .I like it overall a good product to order and good for a summer

Sweta Agarwal | 20-Nov-2011

tang became one of my favourite cold drink from now onwards.now instead of all those aciditic drinks i will switch over to tang.tang's sour and sweet taste took my breadth away.

Shashank Modi | 09-Nov-2011

Nothing hits the spot on a summer day when you're super hot and thirsty quite like... U are in a desert to overcome to your thirst??? but when i tried tang its really makes me fresh and energetic... its taste is really very good. i became a fan of the TANG after trying it.. thanks to sampleandtry.com for such sample... love u guys...

Rakesh Bansal | 03-Nov-2011

really a good taste with refreshment...liked it and the best part is it has natural flavour and no artificial preservatives.i enjoyed it and also purchased from market after trying it

Nikhil Agarwal | 31-Oct-2011

Tang was really tasty! Had it not been for this website, I would have never tasted it and known that it even exists on this earth. Besides, I also found the drink to be healthy!

Sarvabowmen S | 29-Oct-2011

I used tang which i got from sample and try. I am very much glad that sample and try provides the oppourtunity to try out things before buying. Tang gives me finest tastes of orange which i hadn't drank before. I wish all the very to sample and try to continue their effects to serve people who wants to chose their products easily.. With regards Sarvabowmen

Chitra Jadhav | 21-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : GluconD

It really taste good, yesterday only in bought half kg tang at my place and will continue using the same. next time will try other flavours. It consist of more vitamin C and energy.

Apurva Saxena | 21-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Lipton

I really love the taste of tang.It is really very refreshing and at the same time give you an energy boost internally.The best part is that it is quick and easy to make, which makes it an easy drink for even the children.Loved it and I am surely buying a full pack of tang, and of course trying the other flavors as well. :)

Simit Shah | 19-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : rasna


Leena Ashish | 04-Oct-2011

thank you soo muchh for sending the sample. tang is really good. it's taste good and energetic also, it is very easy to make that even a child can make it. when you drink it gives taste of real orange. thank you once again. please keep on sending the sample and please reduce the time for writing the review. thank you once again.

Mayank Sachan | 25-Sep-2011

it has a good refreshing taste....it gives us energy after drinking it i feel fresh..when we come back from a hectic schedule or busy day, a sip of tang makes a difference...

Ramprasad Mg | 22-Sep-2011

Quality is not excellent. I dont think its prepared through natural resource. After the taste its looks like its prepared from medicated pulps, since natural smell is not coming. Sample & try portal service is excellent

Shiwani Chopra | 16-Sep-2011

It tastes good. Will buy once the sample pack gets over!It is very refreshing. I had tried other products before but they were not as good...It tastes so natural, unlike other products which had artificial flavoring...

Deepika P | 13-Sep-2011

Hi.. i like tang very much and not only me, my entire family drinks Tang daily. it is one of my daily routine and it gives more energy and i feel refreshment full day. It is providing in different flavors in the market. All flavors tastes very good and healthy too. Thanks for providing such kind of flavors in the market...

Vivek Shah | 08-Sep-2011

tang is a great product. in summer when we come home after going to college then drinking tang really recharge us from boring summer noons...... thanks tang and sampleandtry.com as well.. ps

Ashwin Iyer | 08-Sep-2011

Tang though is a a very good product by Kraft. It fails to mimic the taste and essense of the market which Rasna has carved for itself. I recently tried Fanta ( Sachet ) and even Rasna and I still find Rasna a bit more than anything else.

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