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Dabur Red Tooth Paste is a fine blend of herbs that eliminates many dental problems like gum disorders, toothache etc., thereby giving strong teeth and healthy gums. Natural ingredients like Clove and Mint gives a refreshing breath.

4 Rating out of 19 Votes

VANDANA PANDEY | 30-Aug-2011

It is really good ............ and gone all dental problem .thanks Sample & try comp.....:)and my pain problem also gone. now we are using this paste ...... Thanking you. vandana.

Deepti Anand | 27-Jul-2011

i have used it and its lovely its so usefull n we feel refreshing , its a must use for all people so everyone should but it everyday and use twice a day to keep their teeth healthy

Ajit Thakker | 16-Jul-2011

i revived this sample this idea is good and dabur rad is too good product i knew this threw sample and try site...thankss so much. this is really a good idea to knaw about product which is you going to purchase this is too good site..

Rishi Khandelwal | 16-Jul-2011

Benefits that have been seen in advertisement never match to real effect when someone use the product in real. But Dabur red toothpaste is one of the exceptional case. Since the day i have started using dabur red toothpaste. I really have to say TEETH PROBLEM CHAL HATT..

ramesh raju | 06-Jul-2011

I love this product. it is owesome. it gives fresh breath. it is very good. i have recommend the same to all my friends. thanks to sample and try. kindly send more & more products like this. i will definitely told all my folks about this. even purchase the same.

darshika arya | 04-Jul-2011

dabur red paste is excellent tooth paste. taste is good and teeth becomes little shine. small quantity required for brushing teeth. helps to fight against tooth decay. east or west dabur tooth paste is best. i am brushing tooth only one time and teeth is healthy than ever

Bhavini Shah | 04-Jul-2011

My son like it and said He will use regulary. taste it good , not used chemical so its safe no side effect......and also from house of Dabur so quatlity is not an issue...as well as price is also competative. I will recomadaded to my friend and family memeber and relative

Arjunender Pabba | 04-Jul-2011

good cleaning action and flavour which contains natural ingredients. Cures bad Breath. Good for teeth and Gums. All my family members using Dabur Red Paste from all one week. I recomment it for all users. I think this product will rock. it will become number one product comparing to all other tooth paste

Jayesh Agarwal | 29-Jun-2011

I have used many toothpastes in my life. However, this one gets full marks from me. It is strong, has a good cleaning action, a pleasant flavour, contains natural ingredients instead of all kinds of chemicals in the mouth and reminds you of the good old toothpowder days in terms of flavour and texture.

Ashok Roy | 29-Jun-2011

Thanks a lot for sending across the sample. Liked the tooth paste .. very nice flavour & feels good. I am planning to change to this tooth paste after using the entire tube.. Need to check out if it will be good over a long time usage... Thanks a lot for sending the sample

Jyoti Gangurde | 28-Jun-2011

Really amazinag experiance DABUR RED PASTE. No Bad mounting at all...strong Strong teeth and nice smell.. This Dabar Lal toothpest is made with long pudina which helps to avoid bad mounthing. And long puddina tomar helps to become teeth stonger . to swasta masude swasta death yahi hain dabar lal toothpest ka kamal. Now we can give smile proudly to everybody. swasta masude swasta death yahi hain dabar lal toothpest ka kamal

Jaydeep Darji | 23-Jun-2011

dabur red is the best for the teeth and i like the sysytem of the simple and try so that anyone who yet not try such product that can test a new product and can split to new product appriciate system and duty done by the simple and try this mathod can get beniffited for the boath customer and dabur red also custer can get new test and switecd to the indian product

Jubin Sanghvi | 23-Jun-2011

Great Product...I've been using colgate for a while but i think dabur toothpaste is better than colgate. Thanks a lot sample$try. Looking forward to get more samples ans write more reviews. I'll recommend this product to everyone. Kids will love the taste and it improves the strength of teeth and gums

Sahil Mehta | 23-Jun-2011

Product is nice,though tastes a bit weird when compared to pepsodent which i currently use but because of its powerful and naturally good contents,hopefully will keep my teeth and gums in good condition in long run. Will keep u updated on the product in near future

Rajasri Srinivasan | 23-Jun-2011

Dabur red paste is a very good product.mouth wl be fresh after brush with dabur red.the freshness retain upto many hours.i like the flavour of laung and pudina.thank u very much for sending this sample.your site didnot updated.please update your site as soon as possible.then only we can try new products and purchase that

Saket Sharma | 22-Jun-2011

its very good product,in my home all member are using the same product .when we had suffering from dental problme we always use this DABAR LAL PASTE. SO I request to all use this always.Good health means strong and healthy teeth. Give your teeth the best

Arihant Jain | 17-Jun-2011

sir/madam , i got it todat it is very nice thanks very much..

taraben madhu | 15-Jun-2011

dabar red paste Nice taste,Good product,I am really happy to use.I will buying next month

Raman Mahajan | 15-Jun-2011

it was safe and very effective even for children. I like it