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A general purpose, unique adhesive, Fevi kwik bonds at ambient condition without requiring an external energy source.

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Nidhi Jain | 11-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fevicol

it's really very good.thanks for sending me the sample.it's cheap and best,and sticks very soon,we can also reuse it.but be careful it should not stick to your hands....!!

Yash Kochar | 11-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Pidilite

Fewi Kwik :) WORTH IT..!! Try out now :) thank you sample&try for sharing such a lovely product.I am sure i will buy it from now on. It is an instant gum which sticks your shoe soles and many other products

Nisha Punamia | 09-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : none

Good product. Came just in time to mend quite a few things at home ... a sandal, a broken toy, a decorative show piece and even my husbands old laptop casing which was giving way. Very Goof and effective product

Sakshi Gupta | 08-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dendrite

Fevi Kwik is a strong adhesive.. Chutki mein chipkaye jhatajhat.. very small quantity is required to repair broken items.. all in all its a good product by pidilite...

Srinivas Dasari | 25-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : nil

the one everyone should keep at home. an essential product. good. the overall performance is good. it sticks in seconds. steel, plastic, stone what ever it sticks in seconds..but be careful with your fingers. use gloves when using.

Kavitha Srikanth | 25-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : plain glue

Fevi kwik is the best adhesive one can opt for. I think its the best when compared to all other brands. I shall recommend fevi kwik to all my friends and advise all to rely on fevi kwik.

Anal Lpatek | 25-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : quickfix


Shrutika Gupta | 23-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : none

Its the best product which comes in daily life of a household.It can stick everything which you by mistake broke down.I tried it my unique bangles and es it helped me in that too.

Pankaj Vijan | 23-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : stick fast

this is nice product because it resolve my problem of glass. i had a couple of things that needed fixing and the fevi kwik helped me right through. thanku very much sample and try for this prouduct.

Pankaj Surana | 22-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : none

it came at a good time actually. I had a couple of things that needed fixing and the feviquick sample helped me right through. My shoes, a ceramic plate, a kids school bag and a hair clip's fallen decoration ... all were put back in place and mended using the sample. Great product. Did not work on some surfaces though so it is not really universal.

Ramaswamy Natarajan | 17-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : fevicol

two days back i received the fevikwik pouch. it is nice and unique product, yesterday i used the fevikwik to fix the white stone in my wife`s bangle. amazingly the stone fixed and dried with in few seconds. i am really impressed.

Darshan Gandhi | 17-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : fevicol

This is nice product because it resolve my problem of glass. My glasses are broke before 7-8 months and it is as it is from last 7-8 months. I use this product and my problem is solved. Thanks.

Nukesh Maheshwari | 16-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : na

thank u very much Sample & Try for this product. I used this on my shoes sole and I used to stick shoe sole and found the work has been done with in two minute. it is really very strong adhesive.it also fulfill their campaign "CHUTKI MEIN CHIPKAYA" superbbbbbbbbb

Sheetal Kini | 15-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : MSEAL

this is a really handly product. works well on all surfaces and materials. infact i carry 1 handlypack with me always during travelling. it helps mend any luggage,shoes etc which need immediate repair and help is no where to be found..must use !!!

Jahira Banu | 15-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Fevi Stick

Fevi kwik is the good product and i liked it very much to make a bond for the broken items...sample and try.com delivers it in very short span of time..liked the service.

Gaurav Singhal | 15-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : m-seal

such a wonderful exp..i loved that product. I will suggest to all please use that product..it is very cheap & simple in pasting.Thanks a lot sample & try team. Thanks a lot again..

Jaishankar Tholasingam | 14-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : adhesive Bond

I received the sample which is very good. I used it to paste crack in my pen lid and found that it is good to store in our tool box. I like to buy for future also

Vivek Mittal | 14-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : quickfix

The best glue I have ever used. Fixed my shoe sole in like a blink of the eye. The only problem with small packages of it is that after opened once, you have to use it complete, otherwise it will just go waste. Overall, liked the product.

Bharath Kumar | 14-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Fevicol

Works fine.However,the smaller packs need better packing as once opened it has to be used is short time.Rest of the product is made to satisfaction.I thank the website for sample.One should be very watchful during usage as a tiny drop may get your fingers joint for 25-30 mins.

Ronak Kothari | 11-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : none

it is really an instant quick easy adhesive to use. i used it to stick my shoes and slippers which the cobler would do but definately take me for a ride . i also like the small packet size and one does not need to buy other big packet adhesives...

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