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Dabur Pudin Hara gives quick relief from stomach ache, gas and indigestion. It is a trusted, fast-action remedy for stomach disorders.

Pudin Hara is completely natural and safe.

4 Rating out of 20 Votes

Pankaj Champawat | 24-Oct-2012

Excellent product. A product one must have in family excellent supplement in need for every family. Dabure is really innovative in its product as well as trust

Deepthi Inuganti | 01-Aug-2011

hi, this is very effective drug. it redue all stomach problems.i like this one. i all ready use another two bottles of pudina hara.i introduce this one to all of my friends and reletives.

Umamaheswararao K | 29-Jul-2011

Really working and having the good credential of using the sample. WE can use it as quick relief from stomach indigestion problems.I can recommond the same to friends.I want to purchase it.

Anup Dey | 27-Jul-2011

Very nice...everyone should use it in need..Just take a dose and relax for the moment ...Really very useful...try once and you will know its worth...

Sunil Goyal | 25-Jul-2011

its a good product and provide immediate relief against acidity and stomuch ache, though gives a little sleepy feeling but guess thats ok becasue of its alcohal based content.

Kubra Merchant | 20-Jul-2011

i reced the sample and was very happy .The pudin hara liquid is very handy to use and a good way to stomach acidity and once the product is used it give releif in sometime.

Debabrata Pati | 09-Jul-2011

The old trusted brand for stomach upset which I remember I was using when I was a small child.Great effective ayurvedic product !Great medicine for stomach burn and acid problem.

Ashish P | 05-Jul-2011

Used it for the first time for gas trouble. Frankly speaking no real effect but just had the feel good feeling The bottle was sent while i expected the capsules so effect of both could be same

Sachin Yeware | 04-Jul-2011

I received the product in good condition. The product is good and gives relief from acidity. As it is a herbal product, it is not having any side effect. The product from Dabur are always of high quality and meets customer demand. I recommend it for use by everybody.

Aparna Bandyopadhyay | 28-Jun-2011

Dabur Pudin hara is a great remedy for indigestion. The liquid is again more effective than the tablet. I have received a bottle last week and have tried it twice. truly it helps in digestion when I had severe indigestion problem and acidity.Thanks to Pudin hara and Samleandtry for providing us with a valuable free sample for trying it. I will definitely buy the product and would highly recommend others to buy it..

Akarshan Mahajan | 26-Jun-2011

thank you for sending pudin hara. I really use it and it feel beeter for my family. once again i really thanks.pudin hara is the best treatmemt of asidity problem.

Rameez Rahmani | 25-Jun-2011

Its an amazing product..i often suffer indigestion and burning sensation in my chest and stomach during night due to immense work pressure and spicy roadside food which is also untimed.so many medicines i had.it just didnt help.then i tried pudin hara.oh God i slept in peace at night.Its a true Godsend

Tayyaba Ahmad | 24-Jun-2011

This is really a great product for those who suffers from stomach gas/ache,and indigestion problem.i recommend all of my friends to use it.and it is also lowest price product...use it,grab it............use it as soon as possible guys

GURPREET SINGH | 24-Jun-2011

Good medicine while taking stomach pain or over eating. It is totaly ayurvadic medicine for digestion and also it is natural medicine. Everyone shud try this ... Thanx.. Send me more...Awaiting for other packs to come... i used it . very good for pain relief. I want to try in future also.i used it . very good for pain relief. Gurpreet Singh

Abhay Chavan | 23-Jun-2011

Item reached in good condition. Nice product and is really good for stomach ache. I use to have pudin hara pills before, and liquid is equally good. I will be surely continuing with the product. Sample and try keep it up.

Bhanu prasad Adla | 23-Jun-2011

Awesome...Actually I wanted to try whether it really works or not...But u guys did it well... Nice way to give a chance of the product to use it & to know its benifits.. Everyone shud try this ... Thanx.. Send me more...Awaiting for other packs to come...

Sankar Prasath | 21-Jun-2011

i used it . very good for pain relief. I want to try in future also.i used it . very good for pain relief.

Hemanth Chintala | 20-Jun-2011

good Ayurvedic product from the India's oldest brand dabur. it won't have any side affects and can be used by all types of people

Prakash Kumar | 17-Jun-2011

It is very useful digestion and also it is natural medicine.

ishita gupta | 15-Jun-2011

this product is awesome..u can trust it whenever u hv a stomache bcoz of eating...it has no side effects... it is purely natural...this is a product u should always keep at home...it removes the pain within a few minutes