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Colgate MaxFresh gel is infused with cooling crystals (in strips), which dissolve completely as you brush for a whole new dimension of freshness - freshness that you can see.

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Sonal Gupta | 24-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : pepsodent

earlier i was using promise from long time... but after trying colgate maxfresh i have started using this only.. it is very refreshing.. and its refreshness remains for a long time..

Kavita Sett | 04-Sep-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Pepsodent

A complete cleanliness feel for the mouth and teeth. The taste is nice and the Colgate Max Fresh is a perfect . Waking up every morning to start a fresh day with a fresh toothpaste.

Sujata Doogar | 04-Sep-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Pepsodent

Colgate Max Fresh is perfect for my family. It cleans the mouth quickly and gently. It is not too harsh and gives a lingering refreshing taste.The packing is cute and attractive.


colgate max fresh is very good toothpaste.I use it daily and it gives better performance.other toothpaste are not suitable for our teeth.but colgate max fresh gel is better to use to keep our teeth good & germ free.

Ramesh Iyer | 08-Mar-2012

Excellent and keeps your mouth freshened for hours. Nice product for tooth decay problems. Need to brush in the morning as well as night.

Imtiyaz Patel | 12-Feb-2012

This is the first time we have used Colgate MaxFresh with Mini Breath Strips. We usually use Colgate Total. This toothpaste leaves your breath really feeling fresh. Your mouth actually feels cold after you brush. Its like using mouthwash after you brush. And because its Colgate I know it works. We have been using Colgate for years and I would highly recommend it.

ravali t | 01-Feb-2012

thank you for the sample... i got it... sample & try is very useful. we are able to try the smaples and know about the products. thank you very much. i wish you would continue this.

Nitu Mehrotra | 02-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pepsodent

i feel the freshness after using this paste and freshness go for whole day.this paste is really very good for teeth and give soothness to gums.hope colgate continue the qauality

Rahul Tandon | 14-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Pepsodent

it's taste is good. and it feels refreshing after using this toothpaste.i will continue using this toothpaste, so thanks sample and try for providing me with its sample

Dipika Jain | 12-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : anchor

ya i agree with this products.such a nice products.even my family also like this.its make to feel fresh after using this colgate max fresh. i have also said to my friends n relatives to use this product. thanks

Manoharan K | 04-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : close up

very nice .it makes the breath refreshing and day cool ...and the teeth shins like an star ...finally im very mush happy with the sample and i have decided to continue the product

Murarilal Goel | 29-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pepsodent

Colgate is one of the most popular brands and i love colgate very much as i m using colgate from my childhood and max fresh is also nice it gives fresh breath. Thanks sample and try

Purnachandrarao B | 29-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : colgate

Colgate Max Fresh gives fresh breath its contain cooling crystals,Colgate max free fights tooth decay, gives whiten to you teeth, it gives completely gives freshness

Anil Patil | 28-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : close up

minty berry flavour is good kind of reminds me of a kids toothpaste females interns possibley makes me kissable or torabble lots of beer definitly makes me kissable

Prateek Khandelwal | 27-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Close up

Colgate Max fresh is the only toothpaste I use now. It really helps in controlling bad breadths.. Its max fresh crystals helps me in refreshing breath and also keeps my tooth white..

Arun Goel | 23-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pepsodent

A ggod start for the morning..It gives a fresh breath and clean teeth. I liked the tooth paste and recommend it for daily use. Thanks for sending it..

Shubham Gupta | 21-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Pepsodent

thanks for sending the sample of colgate maxfresh. its awesome for its taste and cooling mouthwash.it keeps my breath fresh for a long period of time and give me a good feeling.

Harsh Gupta | 15-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pepsodent

this is a very good product . i like its crystals in paste.and it has very good taste and keep your mouth fresh and clean. so thanx to sample this product

Siddharth Goyal | 14-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur

Nice tooth paste.this is an other great product from colgate ,it looks good and has a lasting fresh breath . what to say about this its just awesome truly value for money and makes our teeth healthier and whiter . In one line better than other tooth pastes.

Sachin Saxena | 14-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pepsodent

I like the mint flavour but wish it was a bit stronger. its like most of the toothpastes except that they have added mini breadth strips to mix which you would not fell but do see.

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