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The first ever fortified taste enhancer that can be used across different cuisines in India. It is not a simple masala, but is unique in that it efficiently enhances the taste inherent in the food ingredients already present. It is specifically fortified with Iron, Vitamin A & Iodine that are known to be widespread deficiencies in India.

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Krutagna Patel | 27-May-2013

Nice Product Maggi Masala Magic is really very useful product. this will give additional aroma of spices. good mixture of spices, we can use it for all types of vegetables

Sanjay Mehta | 23-Jan-2013

fantastic product

Janarthanan At | 14-Jan-2013

Very tasty and energizing my son likes very much, For breakfast my family started continuing the masala magic. My Father and mother also likes and it become instant food and hungry organizer for my family

Niva Agrawal | 06-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Everest

very good product... easy and simple to use.. totally hassle free.. saves a lot of time while cooking.. just add massala to sabzi and its done...thumbs up for this product

Davinder Kaur | 27-Nov-2012

this tiny packet really holds magic within it ! it made my simple dish delicious ! i was wondering how could this little packet so such wonder ! but it really does !

Sejal Shah | 21-Nov-2012

maggi masaala is really good noodles My family really like it I tried and enjoy it very much I recommened it o othes my other friends also like it Now I always use it

Rohit Singh | 09-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Goldi

i tried it. its smell was so good and so was the taste. but it took so much time to reach me, probably the courier is responsible. i am a regular buyer of maggi masala-ae-magic.

Zeena Sudhakar | 03-Sep-2012

This is the first time I had used taste enhancer and believe me, its superb.... taste and health together have made ir more demmanding... My husband loved the taste of the food I prepared.

Dvk Chinna | 17-Mar-2012

yes......its really amazing product... and its spicy too..if you have another sample,please send to my home..and update the new products to my account..thank you.

Mahima Jain | 07-Feb-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Na

A good product to faster cooking.fast and easy cooking resulting delicious food.A must try for evryone .a must try for evryone enjoy good food.please have a try

Swapna Balivada | 16-Dec-2011

As always Maggi never lets you down! Used in the everyday sabzi that I cook and the flavour is inviting! Have been using it regularly, most times as a substitute for usual garam masala and have never been disappointed!

Harsimran Kaur | 06-Dec-2011

it was quick and nice will buy more and use as i am working i feel time consumeing to peel garlic ginger tomatoes and make sabzi but with Maggi Msala magic it takes miuntes to make sabzi

Deepti Anand | 05-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : mdh

i used it in shahi paneer the taste enhanced , it give it a ric spicy flavour , all in amily have liked it n we have bought it from market n are using it repetedly loved the product from maggi

Nitin Dhadwe | 01-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : everest

the quality of the product is very good it is good suppliment for making the subji it increase the test of the subji even children also prefer the favour of masala magic

Sam Sam | 30-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Everest

Yummy!! I would say... It adds to the taste... I put it in the normal dal and even my kids had it..Normally kids do not like dal but it was a different taste.

Rajan Srivastava | 23-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Knor

Many thanks for the sample. I used the maggie masala-ae-magic for making chole. its taste was really good. my family likes it very much. thanks sample & try for this.

Vipin Khurana | 17-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : MDH

A great taste enhancer, which is delicious as well as hygienic for all. I have two nephews and a niece in my family, who enjoyed the dishes (with a taste of the Masala-e-Magic) too well. And we, the elders are happy at it being rich in Iron, Iodine and Vitamins. We loved to received the sample and it is in use in a little routine now.

Sachin Mirani | 07-Nov-2011

maggi masala a magic is good product. easy to use and good for any type of home dishes, product adds a good taste to all types of food we eat in our regular routine, specially dal and vegetables.

Gautam Grover | 07-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Chings

Sorry for the late review! Ok so I did tried that by adding that in my regular meal but does not noticed any major difference in taste. Yes one thing was the color and enhanced aroma. Thanks,

Sivaraman Tv | 25-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : none

It had a wonderful aroma. It really enhanced the taste and small of the dish. The spice in the masala was also just right. I relished the dish to the hilt. Would like to have more of it. Am thinking of buying more for the family.

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