Intense repair patented fiber activities and micro moisture serum goes to the root of the problem and repairs accumulated damage which is the reason for hair breakage and split ends.

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Saeeda Sayyed | 20-Nov-2012

good v v good hair became silky ,qty was good received on correct time we used it regulary and our hair become silky and smooth thanks for the sample and i hope will be getting more samples in future

Poonam Kapoor | 22-Oct-2012

This conditioner was not anything special when I first tried it. Almost all repairing conditioners work the same for me the first time. Usually I'll notice it much later if it's good or not. Bad ones lose their "power" after few tries and they usually make my hair feel either weighed down and greasy or then they just leave them feeling dry and frizzy. This conditioner kept its power well. I haven't even noticed any change, I've just been using it time after time and I haven't felt the need to use another conditioner. That's a sign of a great conditioner. There's only one other daily conditioner that I keep buying again and again. I'm going to have to buy a new tube soon. My hair is on a very good condition after using it constantly. I have naturally curly, coarse and frizzy hair, but this conditioner keeps my hair very soft and healthy feeling. Great Product.

Bhumika Thakkar | 22-Oct-2012

I love Dove Conditioners..makes hair super soft and silky..less frizziness..and shiny hair..smells awesome too..easy to carry around the small bottle..and even available in sachets..

Paloumi Nath | 18-Sep-2012

good one...better than the others in the market. the hairs is so smooth after the wash and stay that way all day long. the best part is that its also repair damage hair very effectively. one product which i liked after so many years

Divya Dhinaharan | 15-May-2012

i have tried out dove conditioner intense repair..its good..usually hair fall will happen while trying conditioners..but dove is good... and thanks for sampleandtry

Saahil Sharma | 03-May-2012

So here is my review for Dove conditioner intense repair. It smells good, easy to apply. I found it better than l'oreal intense repair 5 conditioner that I used earlier.

Naveen Gupta | 25-Feb-2012

Dove Conditioner... good product, I have used many condtioner but this is really better than other... After getting sample pack from sampleandtry.com, I tried it and it is very good. Now, I use this DOVE CONDITIONER-INTENSE REPAIR...

Shivani Aggarwal | 11-Feb-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Pantine

when i use this product it gives a good result to me. when i sampoo my hair becomes try but by using this after sampoo my har become soft. so it is a good product for hairs

Ramesh Kambli | 02-Jan-2012

It made my hair soft and manageable. IT reduced the split ends and i can comb my hair with ease without much tangles. the texture of hair improved. will continue to use it.

Ekta Shah | 14-Nov-2011

I have receive the Dove conditioner. Thanks for sending it when i used it is awesome product. I use the conditioner and hair was silky. Very good product and thank once again.

Balaji Chegu | 29-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : clinic

After using many conditioners I feel this better than any other. My hair feels soft and I like the mild fragrance of this conditioner. But this is bit expensive compared to the other brands.

Parul Nai | 29-Sep-2011

i got the sample of dove conditioner. Its a really very good. when i used this conditioner, my hair become a silky and sining. thanks a lot to sample and try.

Ankush Sharma | 12-Sep-2011

I really liked the Dove Conditioner Intense repair . It makes my hair so smooth that I kept on touching my hairs again and again. I suggest everyone out there to try this product.

Geetha Sowmiyanarayanan | 06-Sep-2011

dove=does a lot.so I have decided to use dove regularly.It is costly only but hair is very important.so money doesn't matter. I will use dove,dove,dove.

Santosh Choudhary | 03-Sep-2011

dear sir your product is realy very good,me and my family like it very much. i would like to buy this product from shop.thanks for giving me such type of good sample

Elavarasi Mahendiran | 29-Aug-2011

I received the sample promptly within a few days of dispatch, however it took me this long to use it. Though i have used Dove soap,shampoo and conditioner before, this intense repair conditioner is something totally wow. It gives a super silky feel to my hair and that is something i had never experienced. Thank you for letting me test such a wonderful sample.

Sunil Jaswal | 29-Aug-2011

Dove shampoo is very effective and its very good,now we are using this product only, because we are like this very much we again thanks to sample and try who recomand this products to us

Vikas Bhati | 28-Aug-2011

Thank you for the product sampled, i really liked the product and am looking forward to buying the product and also recommend this product to our neighbours, colleauges, friends, relatives. thank you sample and try....

Sheetal Chudasama | 24-Aug-2011

Oh... thank for the sample. I have tried Dove many times before but this product from Dove is really good. planning to purchase the bottle. Thank you again.

Shivali Parasania | 09-Aug-2011

its really nice and makes my hair soft and smooth,i used it because my hair becomes very dry after washing but after using dove i didnt had any complaint for my hair because it gives my hair natural soft finish.

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