It contains advanced protecting serum made up of millions of micro particles and protects normal hair from daily aggressions and smoothens hair’s surface to make it visibly reflect the light.

4 Rating out of 8 Votes

Rajnee Prasad | 23-Feb-2013

this product is awesome. It really works. The moisture in it helps my hair from dryness and the shine helps me to stay focused throughout the day. I am used to it now.

Monika Gambhir | 05-Jul-2011

Dove a name that let's you love your hair.Wash it daily & feel the difference on your own.A must keep entity in your bathroom.Mind blowing fragrance,the best healer for your all hair care needs.

Preeti Chopde | 28-Jun-2011

Dove shampoo is really a cool product to try and use. I liked the product and seem to use it on daily basis.After using the product i purchased it from the nearest market and even referred my friends and their relatives to buy this product. Thanks.. ITS REALLLLY GOOOOOOD,MY HAIRS WERE JUST SO DRY N LIFELESS BUT AFTER USING DOVE MY HAIRS SEEMS SO AWESOME,NO MORE DRY AND BRITTLED HAIR END,THANKS TO DOVE............

Pawan Kumar | 28-Jun-2011

What a great shampoo.This is a wonderful product.I used free sample and I like it.After using DOVE shampoo my hair shiny and smooth never before.After using sample of DOVE shampoo I purchased it from market at the price of 64 Rs/100 ml.My family member also like it.

Suvesh Malhotra | 17-Jun-2011

awesome shampoo. love all dove brands including this one

Ankita C | 16-Jun-2011

good product as per the shape , design , gives good feeling to the hair.

S Shrivastava | 15-Jun-2011

Dove Shampoo leaves the hair really shining and clean.

Aryan Mahajan | 15-Jun-2011

it makes hair shine healthy also repair broken hair effectively