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Ariel oxy blu Powder gives you brilliant cleaning and stain removal results.

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Rimpy Verma | 31-Dec-2012

its no. 1 powder detergent ,very easy to use and give very clarity to cloths.give beautiful fragrance to cloths and colour too.i completely agreed by this product.very good.

Daizy K | 23-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Surf

it is very good product with very good packaging,the product is very gentle on clothes and removes deep stains effectively without damaging the smoothness of clothes,hence small quantity of powder is also very effective.

Natasha Lobo | 11-Oct-2012

it was a very good at the time i got this product and noting can beat ariel. sample and try are the best fro people like to first try and they buy. so hats off to them.

Rekha Kapoor | 09-Oct-2012

it is too strong. although it is quite effective in removing stains from the clothes but it does not clean well. it is too hard for skin as well. one has to wear gloves if skin is sensitive to use it

Richa Sharma | 07-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : surf

Ariel-oxy blu turnsout to be a very good detergent for cotton clothes that are mostly used in summers.I am very happy and satisfied with the Ariel-Oxy Blu detergent.Thanks,

Sweety Mistry | 11-Jun-2012

Nice Product,very effective. remove stains easily and very neatly.and it not very much expensive. it is a perfect name.it is a best brand from other washing powder.

Pooja Chopra | 08-Feb-2012

its an excellent product ....cleans the dirt and marks instantly.have used on my 3 yr old kid who soils his clothes everyday. its a brilliant product

Mahak Pasricha | 22-Nov-2011

I have received my free sample of Ariel Oxyblue detergent. I am HUNDRED PERCENT satisfied with the product. I would say this is the MUST HAVE product of every household. I am thankful to Sample&Try for giving us sample of this.

Archana Gopalani | 21-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Surf excel

Ariel oxyblu is a good product result wise but it has a tendency to cake which is quite time consuming as it takes a lot of effort and energy to actually dissolve the cake in water and use it.

Shivani Bhasin | 21-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : tide

It is so effective in cleaning dirt from clothes and it also leaves a very pleasant smell in clothes after wash. Just one scoop even for haevy load is sufficient. The clothes become very clean and smell good as well.

Deepa Raj | 13-Oct-2011

Ariel is a P&G product so it don't require any recommendation.As other P&G products it is very good.remove stain in one wash.Clothes become soft after washing.

Mukesh Shah | 27-Sep-2011

Ariel Oxy Blu is very nice... the clothes get clean in small quantity all the dirt & stain got cleaned. The fragrance is also very good. It is one of the best varients of Ariel

Vibhuti Singhal | 15-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Surf Excel

Ariel-oxy blu is superb.I will buy the its larger pack.It is far much better than surf excelfor white clothes.I like its fragnance also.It is realy good product

Mehernaaz Mehta | 12-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Surf Excel

Ariel Oxy Blue is a very nice product. Though the sample was a small sachet, a small quantity of detergent effectively removed tough stains from the clothes and made the clothes sparkling white. It leaves a very refreshing fragrance in the clothes.

Ganesh Kolape | 12-Sep-2011

Ariel really helps removing deep stains on any type of clothes and refreshes it with pleasant araoma. I was terified with stinky collar on one ofmy shirt and ariel came to the rescue here.

Srilakshmi D | 10-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : amway

Ariel oxy blu is really good. especially for front loading machine.will recommend this for others. this product is really a good one. It is harmless for handwashers. It is as simple as it is. Just soak for 15-20 mins. all the dirt is out.

deepa shah | 09-Sep-2011

airel is one of the best brand in washing powder.The quality and smell of powder is so good as it's make very refreshing and mainly in rainy season.it's not harmfull for our hand.so over all just try this product and don't go for another one.

Bindu Trikha | 07-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : surf

it is really a wonderful washing detergent. I was able to remove the old stains of tea from daughters dress. i really loved the way it worked and without much efforts.

Himabindu Molleti | 06-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : amway

First of all i would like to thank you for sending... Iam really very happy to receive this and when comming to the product its really very wonderful.The smell is really nice

Ashu Tuli | 06-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Wheel

Very Good Product. Had a stained vegetable oil white kurti, used Ariel Oxy Blu and that Stained is totally removed. Thanks so much for giving my white favourite kurti back to me

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