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Maggi Masala noodle brings the authentic Indian flavor right to your kitchen in just 2 short minutes! This convenient noodle is perfect for busy students and adults who wants to enjoy a quick, yet flavorful hot meal. It's 100% vegetarian and has dietary fibre which helps digestion and satisfies hunger.

4 Rating out of 8 Votes

Ruchi Agarwal | 05-Dec-2011

I have never received this product form sample and try althogh they claimed like that. But I purchased it from the market regularly and I just Loooooovvvvvveeeee it. Its a must for everyone to try.

Savia Coutinho | 06-Aug-2011

my son enjoys eating noodles so again this lil packet wwas just the right size for him so that he cant waste any food . thank you very much.

kishore gummadi | 02-Aug-2011

I just love the taste of maggi masala noodles ... Its like a companion in odd times ... late night friend .... travelling friend .... and much more . i can say it in only one word yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Kartik Charnalia | 01-Aug-2011

amazing taste, i am so fond of maggi, that i ate ur packet instantly, and became a maggi masala boy,yummmmmmyyyyyy. thankx sample & try for sending me the delicious maggi sample.

Deep Patel | 29-Jul-2011

meggi masala is the best noodles i have ever before... i regullarly use it when there is no idea to what to lunch or what can we made for lunch.. We just open it and just2minits for the delicious meggi

ANSHU MALHOTRA | 05-Jul-2011

lov u maggi. it is so delicious to eat. thanks for sending me product, i would like to try more products of yours so pls keep sending the products in future also. thanks

Juhi K | 23-Jun-2011

Ever since the Maggi masala noodles were introduced into the market, it was one of my childhood’s all time favorite dish my mother made. I still remember when it was distributed free in school as an introduction. But as I grew up I kind of lost interest in it because it seem to have lost its original flavor and also as more and more flavors were introduced they really did not pay attention to the old one THANKS TO SAMPLE AND TRY I got the old one taste. THANKS A LOT SAMPLE AND TRY

Tarun Vashishth | 18-Jun-2011

It is too good in tastey and yummy. It is delicious.It is very easy to cook and eat also..