Unlike traditional starch, which leaves patches on coloured clothes, Revive Liquid leaves no patches, even on coloured clothes. What's more, it can be used on terry-cotts as well as pure cottons.Revive gives you an easy and convenient way of making your Clothes Look Like New and last longer.

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Manjulaben Dobariya | 20-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Local Brands

Its real good product.some of my old sarees werer look too old but after using strach on it,its look changed totaly.thak u very much s&t team.and revive too.

Silky Priyank | 10-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : homemade startch

i recd this amazing product and i immediately used it on my mom in laws cotton sarees and she was all praises for me an to b honest even i felt the difference between the home made startch and revive it smells good less laborious and gives excellent results Thanks S&T u helped me in getting those praises

Bhawna Kohli | 07-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : none

Thanks Sample&try.com for the sample. I don't have to worry about my clothes anymore esp. cottons. My clothing now looks more brighter. Thank you Revive

Richa Sharma | 07-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : no brand

I don't have to worry at all about my cotton clothes..It is very easy to use and gives your clothes instant starch within a minutes...Thanks a lot Revive Instant Starch...

Gayathrei Rao | 05-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Home made starch

Wow.. Unbelivable. My clothes look much brighter.. I just love it. Just 1 spoon is enough for tso chudi's. Many Thanks for the sample.

Gurcharan Kaur | 05-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Not using till now

it was good. it makes my cloth like a new one.. its my first time when i use revive. it gives me a new look. i recommend this to my frnds also becoz they also suffer from dull clothes problem.

Umang Banthiya | 03-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : na

now after using it i can understand y is it the market leader! much better than the homemade starch, easy to use and results were good indeed. thanks for sending it, my mother was hay using it

Rajeswari Talasila | 03-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : general

its better than general powder, it lights the weight,feeling like the feather,its very soft than other powder nice one wana try the liquid also of same brand

Naresh Satija | 26-Aug-2011

revive is good product by marico, i loved the results after using the product ,, now i m gonna add this product to list and ask my wife to regularly use it...,

Prisha Agarwal | 23-Jul-2011

Revive Instant Starch gives a very nice look to the clothes especially on the sarees , instead of getting it done from the drycleaner , it can now be done at home. It is the first time i tried starching my saree at home and even got compliments from friends and family. Now on I shall starch clothes at home only and will use ONLY revive instant starch - the starch i can trust upon !

Subrahmanyam Balabadruni | 20-Jul-2011

I have used this product first time, earlier I am using local brands which are leaving a white shade on clothes Whereas this revived is good and you can not say whether starch is used or not such a wonderful product

Rakhi Kapoor | 12-Jul-2011

I got this sample last week cost Rs 10.Nice product.Quality is good.I love this product.It make my cotton saree like a new.I love my Saree.I love this product very much

PANKAJ NAGPAL | 07-Jul-2011

This product is very useful. The small pack is enough for the supply of one month requirement, in the family size of 3-4. This is quite handy and easy to use.

Binita Parikh | 28-Jun-2011

It is really fantastic product. unlike other starch it does not make the cloth dull. it hardness remains for longer time.I found it really good. Infact smell wise also its ok. I used it for my new cloth and it worked upto my expectation.i really suggest it to use this product once as it will give you desired result.

Madhu Sharma | 28-Jun-2011

Its a trusted name for instant starch. It leaves no residue on clothes and the cause no harm to the clothes at all. It is not harmful for skin and complete safe to use. Use it for a uniform starch for your clothes. Highly recommended product for every household

Ayushi Gupta | 28-Jun-2011

thais product is very useful in removing strarch from the clothes and it gives shine to clothes is is not only expensive can efford it i like it very very much must try it

Shikha Poddar | 28-Jun-2011

it is a good product which keep clothes clean and give a new lives,it is a good product with lot of quality in it it helps in removing stain in the cloth and keep it clean with lot of cleaning of germ.it is one of the best product you will ever come to it.

Meena Kumari | 28-Jun-2011

I never used to starch my cotton cloths. but after trying this revive I was so impressed with extra beauty that it added to my cotton cloths that now it has become a habit to always use starch while washing cotton cloths. I am impressed. Sample and try is really a wonderful site that gives you opportunity to try different products and then spend your valuable money for purchasing the item.

Sandeep Jain | 28-Jun-2011

This is verygood product to be used within the household and it can be referenced to all the family and friends the startc smell on the clothes is also really very good we all can use as a e household very good product in the household, we have given reference to our household freinds and other family members as this is really very good product to be used

Naveen Aggarwal | 28-Jun-2011

The sample of Revive which i received from your side is a great product...It not only make clean but also SUPER STIFFER....Only Table spoon of Revive and your clothes 30 % more stiffer....Now i plan to buy REVIVE big pack of 500 grams. The Revive Instant Starch is very helpful for starching clothes. The product is useful post washing clothes and provides good look to the clothes. Thumbs up for the product. Also the product is value for money and thus dont effect the household budget as well. it can be used on terry-cotts as well as pure cottons.Revive gives us an easy and convenient way of making our Clothes Look Like New and last longer.

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