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Mortein Rat Kill contains an anti- coagulant rodenticide ( Bromadiolone) that can kill rodents in a single feed. The active ingredient causes rodents to die from internal bleeding. It is a convenient and an effective solution to control rats and mice as it causes haemorrhage in them leading to death. It is effective against disease causing rats. Simply place the cake in infested areas to get continuous control on rats and mice.

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Lalit Kumar | 20-Feb-2013

I really impress with the product i had used it and got the result in positive really nice product and helpfull,i am living on ground floor with my family so i need to check some product as a sample than i got the sample mortein Rat Kill through sampleandtry and it help me to get out the rat from my house thans Mortein and Sampleandtry.

Sonia Gupta | 23-Oct-2012

its a good product i like this product and it really works i have many rats in my house and after using this product my house is free from rats. after recieving a sample i have put it at the place in my house where are maximum rats and in 2 days i have seen 2 rats dead outside my house

Praveen Dhingra | 11-Feb-2012

mortein rat kill sample is more usefull to protect hose from rat. after use of sample i purchage this prodect from market. till today i use it and thanx to sample and try team to provide me a better option to protect from rat

Swathi Sri | 10-Sep-2011

I used this product for one time. It is working, but so slow. After using that mortein rat kill I can able to notice that even cockarches are died by smelling. thanku for sending me

Michael Prashanth | 08-Sep-2011

really good for home use..found two rats dead in my lawn..nice to give away sample products like this to use before we buy..will surely buy this product from de shop..thanks..

Jitendra Singh | 02-Sep-2011

Thanks for sending this product.It is good product to kill rats. Using this I killed one rat which create problem for my books and food item. It is very good for food storage centers who suffering loss due to rats.

Suddhajit Roy | 28-Jul-2011

I use half of it. But still waiting to find a dead rat. hopefully i will found one dead outside my premises. But if this make the rats unconscious for some time, it would not be useful.

Shankarrao Sable | 28-Jul-2011

Our house before we moved in had been empty a while and so when we moved in within a couple of days we saw a little mouse!! we went straight out and bought some traps and these bait wedges. I put one by the door and one either side of the oven and within a couple of days we found the mouse outside that had eaten the bait and disposed of it. I have to say though its not the nicest way to kill them and sometimes they can eat the bait and then go and hide somewhere in the house or wall and then they can be quite a bad smell for some time. Quite cheap though and does work effectively

Waseem Khan | 08-Jul-2011

The Mortien Rat Kill is awesm to get rid of the Silly Rats.. put litytle of the cake at night and in the morning you will get the hilarious results.... :-D

Sankaranand Balaradjou | 04-Jul-2011

it works unless there is no water available for rat.. if water is there rat dies.. Also very slow and i dont know if it is safe for other pets. It also takes a lot of Time. But The Rat dies inside the house itself not outside the house. my mum kept it over the window side and only small rats die.. biger one stays alive

Pankaj Gaonkar | 01-Jul-2011

i am not that happy with this product. earlier i used some other RAT kill. even this is giving same results. they eat and gets unconsious for some time. i will not suggest this product to anyone. i want very strong product for Rat kill. Hope company will think on my review

Madhura Shiwarkar | 28-Jun-2011

I have not seen the results of the products. I have NOT FOUND ANY RAT DIED OUTSIDE AS MENTIONED ON THE ADVERTISEMENT.

Subodh Kumar | 28-Jun-2011

yes it is really working.I have used this product and within 24 hrs. i saw the result as one rat found dead in the waranda of my house.Price of this product is reasonable.It is a good idea to give free sample to try before buying. .