It is a fabric conditioner that not only refreshes the clothes but also makes the wearer feel cared for. It makes the clothes soft, fragrant and also retains the colour of the garment wash-after-wash. Easy to see why it’s trusted by millions of women across the globe, making it the largest fabric conditioner brand in the world.

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Sonia Gupta | 07-Dec-2012

i have receieved the sample of comfort fabric its a very good product. after washing clothes with it the clothes becomes shinig soft its fragrance is very good

Santhana Lakshmi | 21-Nov-2012

Hi thanks, I have receive the sample and it very nice. It smells good. I like the freshness which stays long. I started buying after using this sample.

Ashit Saxena | 22-Mar-2012

it is a good product for cloths, specially for cotton. the confort fabric is the first product by which we can enhence the life of our cloths and the same product give softness to our cloths, confort fabric gives a good odour to cloths

Disha Shah | 09-Feb-2012 | Brand Used Previously : eezee


Geethu Vijay | 08-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : none

Thank you very much for the sample,after using this comfort for the first time I loved it very much as the fragrance remained on the clothes for a very long time and immediately I brought a big bottle and started using it every day.By you sending us the free sample it helps us to know what's a good product.

Hetal Lalan | 16-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : NA

Comfort Fabric Conditioner is very good. It puts life into my clothes. My clothes look as good as new. The sample received was very good. Now I have bought this pack. I will defenitly tell my freinds and family to use this product.

Geena Chaudhry | 05-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : no one

thanku sample & try for such an wonderful product its realy nice i used it its just awsum after using it i bought a big bottle and its affordable we can say cheap and best product its fragrance is realy good. Thanku.

Prabaharan Ramaiah | 04-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : arial

Comfort fabric conditioner, which should leave clothes feeling soft and smeling fresh.it should help the condition of clothes leaving them looking newer for longer.

Suchita Yadav | 03-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : none

its a very nice fabric conditioner which is good for the fabric also it leaves a long lasting fragrant which simply makes wearing clothes a nice experience.

Indu Yadav | 03-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Ezee

it's a wonderful product for the fabric conditioning with a lovely fragrance which makes wearing clothes a simply great experience all throughout the day.

Kusum Rathod | 03-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : surf excel

i used this its fragnance is very nice no need to apply perfume on clothes not only this it also make my clothes soft according to me everyone should buy this from market to give their clothes new look

Sheetal Kini | 01-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : bambi

rreceived this sample of comfort fabric conditioner and like it very much. clothes smell nice and soft when its used...will surely buy bottel of same and my family has liked the smell

Aakash Binani | 29-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Godrej Ezee

It was great. My clothes never like this pretty smell before. I really like the Comfort fabric conditioner. Thanks sample and try to provide such a lovely sample.

Shreevidya Nandakumar | 29-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Nothing

I used comfort Fabric conditioner .. what a fragrance. The clothes became soft and the pleasant smell remained till I wore them.I have decided to include this Fabric conditioner in the purchase list.Thanks S&T.

Ragini Rohatgi | 29-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Nothing

It is really fruitful product, my daughter is very happy when she wear her uniform which gives good smell. She feels good & get more charge up for going to school. Thanks for this.

Ashvini Arun | 28-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : nil

i use this regularly it is a nice product for clothes. its fragnance long last for 2 weeks. clothes looks so shiny and soft. im waiting for anti bacterial comfort.

Aravinth Sonu | 20-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Nil

Used it with my clothes i feel completely changed when i used this product thanks for this product . hereafter i like to use this product only i like to try anti bacteria comfort conditioner also

Sagnikraja Manna | 16-Sep-2011

very good product, i am first time used it and very haapy to say that it is very usefull for every family whao is want to very good type of product i am very satisfied for this product. i personally thanks to sample and try to send me that type of product thank u once agian. i suggest to all people of india pls use this type of product u must satisfied.

Anusha Alapati | 13-Sep-2011

The comfort fabric conditioner is an innovative product. the clothes after getting the comfort treatment are more soothing as the fragrance used is rich and pleasant. i recommend the product to my friends.

Pratima Varshneya | 07-Sep-2011

This is nice product. Its smell is very good. It gives very good smell and gives new life to cloths. you donts need to use perfume after using this product :)

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