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Head & Shoulders is the world’s No. 1 Anti-dandruff shampoo and now has become a part of Indian homes as well. This best-ever anti-dandruff shampoo has an improved formula, which offers the fine combination of anti-dandruff efficacy and hair conditioning. What makes the new Head & Shoulders its best so far is its break-through formula which covers the scalp more effectively to remove even the tiniest flake of dandruff, while the new conditioning property keeps hair looking beautiful.

Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky: Makes hair smoother and silkier.

4 Rating out of 53 Votes

Balvinder Kaur | 27-Nov-2012

wonderful shampoo !!! it really makes my hair soft and smooth !and most of all dandruff free.fragrance is also nice.so my hair are refreshed throughout the day !

Chetan Sheth | 03-May-2012

my hairs are silky but die to daily exposure to heat and sun it gets bad at night. but this made my hair smooth than it was earlier.. Like it... head and shoulders is a good shampoo for my hairs. Thans for making this produck...

Adilakshmi Yallapragada | 21-Jan-2012

I used it...and its really good...i mean really my hair felt so smooth... even dandruff is controlloed...i usually hav dandruff and after few weeks my dandruff problem really decreased so continued the usage of ths shampoo

Dakshim Chhabra | 10-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Pantene

This one is most probably better than pantene v-pro, and effect lasts longer...but my little bro don't like this and prefer garnier fructis shampoo. I'd tried it only once ,so can't say about it's effect on dandruff, but surely recommend , if you want your hair look fresh

Vijaykumar Js | 02-Jan-2012

head and shoulders shompoo is very smooth and silky p& g product is excellent and amziing... people can useing brightness to face in naturally . thank u for sample and try team.

Pawan Mogra | 03-Dec-2011

it good product for hair that is product's more important that can be this most important side this most use full side for every person sample products use by every person that more improvement

Shristi Mirchandani | 27-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : vatika

this product is really awsome!i really loved it a lot....and it also suits my hair.i'm going to start using this shampoo from now onwards,and thanks for sending this sample.

Thamizh Chelvan | 22-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : pantene

i Tried it...it was great...after my bath...my hair turned to be very smooth..and silky... i love it...and i am gonna buy this and use this for sure....thank you Sample and try...

Dheeraj Agrawal | 21-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : clinick all clear

that sample was very good and when we apply on hair hair gets silky and shinyand smoothness of hair is too good.but if u put some fragraces i it then it is more effective

Anish Dsouza | 21-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : none

Its a very good product . I have tryed many anti dandruff shampoo but it hardly used to remove my dandruff . But after using HEAD & SHOULDERS all my dandruff was removed and my hair also became smooth and silky and has a very good smell also....

Mayank Agarwal | 29-Sep-2011

head & shoulders is the best shampoo i have ever used. it made my hair too smooth i really cant belive i thank u sample & try for the ssmple i love you sample & try.

Akash Kumar | 24-Sep-2011

excellent it is excellent i have tryed it think that i want to use it again the sample is brought by only sample and try.com i like it very much so please dont forget me i will always using sample and try.com

Bhagwant Purbha | 11-Sep-2011

Really great value for money....I bought a new bottle post using it, its got real good fragrance as well. Thanks for promoting the same to the public..Thanks

Vickyy Patiel | 07-Sep-2011

yes ,i found this shampoo effective for my dandruff problem but my hair felt a bit dry although the dandruff had gone.the manufactures must think abt the moisturizing effect into the shampoo too.

Karthik Selva | 05-Sep-2011

Yes .. Finally, I got Head and Shoulers at my home ... Just with little amount of shampoo, it produces considerable amount of Foam ... Using it Twice a Week ......

Kiran M | 17-Aug-2011


Saket Sharma | 12-Aug-2011

This shampoo is very good for hair, i always use this in fact all members are using in my home,this will wip off my dandruff also.after shampoo my hair, my hair is silky n smooth. This shampoo is good.

Aviral Maheshwari | 07-Aug-2011

It was very nice product and its result are very good. now I decide in future i will use head and shoulders shampoo and also recommended to our friends.

Pankaj Bhatt | 07-Aug-2011

I used Head and Shoulders, and i observed unbelievable results.I found my hairs very smooth and shiny as compared to earlier... it feels really great after using it. thanks to sample and try..

Rocky Ambrose | 06-Aug-2011

I have received the sample on 3rd August. Thanks Sample & Try. Head & Shoulders is really good against dandruff. I have tried many shampoos so far for dandruff and found Head & Shoulders as a best shampoo... Thanks again.

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