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The Fouride in Close Up called monofluorophospate, makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to delay. It also strengthens teeth, which aids in repairing early delay before the damage can even be seen.

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Rajesh Tambe | 06-Mar-2012

This product is Supurb!!! now we are using new CLoseup Fire& freez, the brand is better than other available in the market, qulity of product is amazing

Nisha Garg | 20-Jan-2012

Received Close Up Toothpaste , its a nice toothpaste giving cool effect with freshness whole day.Its a nice product from company. Hope to use the close up in future also

Krishnan Subramanian | 17-Aug-2011

Closeup is the best toothpaste in the freshness category. There is a lasting effect of the freshness, lingering in your mouth, unlike other toothpastes. The taste of close-up is pretty different from other normal toothpastes, and its peppy glowing gel and soothing freshness is hard to be surpassed by any other paste.

Ankita Gupta | 16-Aug-2011

I have received the closeup sample.thanks for sending it.when i used it i feel it is awesome product. It keeps me and my family teeth clean and fresh.we are enjoying closeup.Very good product. Thank you once again.

Rajan Srivastava | 08-Aug-2011

I have received the sample & used it. Nice product. It is the best tooth paste. I like it & want to use it on regular basis. thanks for sending the sample.

Digambar Sawant | 04-Aug-2011

the product was simply awesome , i would like to buy the product and continue using it , and infact close up is my favourite product, its really very good product

Chitrang Dalal | 04-Aug-2011

I have receive the close-up sample and i use it. Thanks for a sending a sample. It keeps my teeth clean and fresh.I enjoy it very much.I like it test very much.

Raghav Bhartia | 04-Aug-2011

Till now i was using pepsodent 2 in 1 along with my whole family, But after i used close-up i found something refreshing after brushing my teeth, for long my mouth was feeling cold and fresh, I really love the product.. I have got a bigger pack of the close-up for my daily use. My family has also started using the same, all found is something different from pepsodent. While brushing its enjoyable to take a deep breath and enjoy the coolness.. Really a good product

Dhara Mehta | 04-Aug-2011

hello friends i get this product.Close-up is very nice!I used close-up first time and it is good.You should try once.Close-up give me beatufull smile on my face.I look attractive by using close-up.Now I am very close to my husband.Close-up give me fresh breath,white teeth and good personality.Enjoy this product.I think you love it more.

Vinod Devadig | 04-Aug-2011

close up is really good.... i liked it a lot.... what makes it different from other brands is its taste and the long lasting freshness... am sure, one who tries close up ones will use close up for ever.... if i have to rate it on a scale it will be 4 out of 5...:)

Chitra Varshney | 03-Aug-2011

received the sample & use it . i enjoying it very much .Thanks for sending a sample.it keeps my teeth clean & fresh. it acts as mouth freshner. I like it taste very much.

Ritesh Agarwal | 27-Jul-2011

a nice toothpaste and can bring you close up to someone without fearing bad breath or germs or yellowishness.refreshing enough to wake you up from morniing tireness.

Rajesh Merchant | 26-Jul-2011

Nice Product...infact,a must use Paste to enhance your Confidence....!!! Better than the regular close up we use....Go Get this New Close Up for better Breath.....!!!!

Bhavna Haria | 23-Jul-2011

The product received is very good. I tried it and it helped to clean the teeth very clearly and also freshes the mouth. I hope that others should also try this

Piyush Khandelwal | 18-Jul-2011

It is a very good product for our teeth and gum also. My children like this and having brush twice a day after geting this. The taste of the product is very good. It gives healthy teeth and long lasting freshness to my family. thanks for the product.

Tanu Shree | 13-Jul-2011

Close Up has been my favourite for a very long time. This toothpaste leaves me with a refreshing taste which really lasts for the entire day. In fact it is a paste and a mouthwash as well !

Arjun Pabba | 12-Jul-2011

i am really impressed with close up toothpaste i first tried this toothpaste when i was child. this had a nice look and new taste. we really started brushing our teeth with close up it is very nice. i prefer close up for my rest of life and i suggest my family to use close-up only

Reena Patel | 12-Jul-2011

nice one....superb close up...go for it plz...gud gud....alwys used in daily....i think the taste is also awesome.i promise the i m using it now alwys.

Jolly Bharihoke | 12-Jul-2011

close up tooth paste is a very good product .the flavour is very soothing i would love to buy a bigger pack in future. my family has loved to try it out and this will surley appear in my shopping list next time i would also like to know about if there are other variants of the same.....

Pallavi Agrawal | 05-Jul-2011

it is very cool and refreshing toothpaste with cooling effect and removes germs from teeth. it whitens and removes tartar from teeth.its very good.i have recommended this to all my friends.i need more and more products from sample and try.it provides a variety to try

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