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The taste of Red Label brings alive the little moments that bring us closer to people we love. It is the simple act of sharing a cup of Red Label that often adds magic to everyday moments, strengthening the relationships that matter most to us. Life is lived in those moments, one sip at a time…we call it…’Chuskiyaan Zindagi ki’.

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Deepti Rawat | 05-Dec-2012

I liked the taste and the aroma of the tea. The aroma is refreshing and 1 tea bag makes a strong tea. Although I would have preferred loose tea leaves (the standard) tea instead of tea bags.

Satish Jain | 19-Aug-2011

Brooke Bond Red Label tea is very refreshing and healthy. it Keeps you energizing and zestful for the whole day. I will recommend this tea to my friends and relatives.

Jatin Chavan | 11-Aug-2011

Its just an ausm product!! also Sample&try is so fast ...............i got my product so early!!! I liked this product a lot and vl use this only !!! try once!! :DD

Vaibhav Jain | 08-Aug-2011

i always took strong flavor...red lable is really good having nice taste and strong flavor. i try many brand but red lable is perfact in taste and flavor also..

Deepak Garg | 02-Aug-2011

I always took tea of other brands.This red label tea is very kadak and this hot tea removes all types of laziness from us and is very much tasty than other tea brands...its every sip has a magic...

Rishabh Chhonkar | 02-Aug-2011


Y Susritha | 02-Aug-2011

After taste the Brooke Bond Red Label Tea, It become the favorite Tea for me and my family. It brings a special taste and aroma. Thanks for sending sample.

Sunil Goyal | 25-Jul-2011

Red Label Tea from brooke bond - well its worth the taste and what it claims, I really liked the taste and its refreshing, I like my tea strong and it provides me exactly that without too much boiling.

Tanu Shree | 13-Jul-2011

Brooke Bond Red Label Tea provides a strong and refreshing brew. I have been drinking this tea for quite some time and I keep coming back to it even though I have also tried other brands.

Asha Bansal | 09-Jul-2011

The taste of brooke bond red label is fine. I use various brands but there was no strongness like it. after drinking tea, i feel very refreshing. The colour of tea made from it is golden.

Deepmala Rajput | 07-Jul-2011

Red label is now my favourite brand,Its really refresh the morning and as well ass morning tea time. It's very healthy. I would love to try in future the same.

Deepa Raj | 05-Jul-2011

Very good nice tasting tea.Very good aroma and flavor. I received a 10 Rs pack but the quantity is good enough for atleast 20 cups of tea. Not even the flavor the color is also very good.

Prabha Mehta | 04-Jul-2011

The taste of Brooke Bond red label tea makes one alive after having it especially if its the morning tea. there is some magic in brooke bond label tea and you love it more if there are loved ones around i have brooke bond red label tea 5-6 times a day and every sip tastes so good

Subodh Kumar | 28-Jun-2011

Taste is not good as expected ,more improvement is needed with some sweet smell.It is a good idea to give free samples before buying any product.i have using different types of tea products but i did not get any thing interesting in this tea.

Parul Mehta | 28-Jun-2011

Many of us have used Brooke Bond Red Label Tea before, giving us great results on our tea tastes . Well its formulation that has been specifically developed to use every day. Brooke Bond Red Label Tea is a good tea and now I always use on daily basis.Plus,its suitable for every braket

Ritu Manish | 18-Jun-2011

nice taste. earlier i was using tata tea but i will also use Red Label.

Raman Mahajan | 18-Jun-2011

it is strong, give freshness and energetic after taking a cup. it is a good tea.

Neha Garg | 18-Jun-2011

it z awesome ! it is now one of my favorite.. tnx :D

Ramesh Jain | 17-Jun-2011

I tried tis product... It taste very good n I gonna buy the same product from the market for regular use.

Manoj Mantri | 17-Jun-2011

great aroma and colour . once you have it and you become fan of it. This looks extra strong .

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