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Kissan acts as a catalyst, easing stressful moments at the dining table. With Kissan, good food is loved not shoved!

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Sheetal Dhamale | 20-Oct-2012

Kissan has been best brand in the market, this Jam product is very yummy, my kid loves this and demands this jam and bread for breakfast. my husband is a great fan of the brand ambasador Rahul Dravid the jammy, let us see him with this add again.

Antriksh Verma | 29-Jul-2011

i received Kissan Jam-mixed fruit and ate with all pleasure . It tastes so good and yummy . i am very much overwhelmed and would recommend many more to taste !!!!!!!

Tanu Shree | 13-Jul-2011

I do not have anything in particular to recommend this jam. The taste is good and the jam spreads easily on the bread. Quite similar to other products.