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Regal Kitchen Mixed Pickle

Mango, Lemon, Carrot, Salt, Edible Oil, Chilli Powder, Lotus Stem, Dela, Ginger, Mustard Powder, Fennel Fenugreek, Asafoetida are the key ingredients of this delicious pickle. 

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Sonia Singhal | 19-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : tops

sorry for late reply,but thanks for sending me the sample of pickle.our family tasted but the quality of that pickle is not good. so i will not recommend to but this sample. thank you !

Ankita Jain | 15-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Nilons

Regal Kitchen Mixed Pickle is a nice pickle in taste that also smells well. I have eaten many but this brand is different from others. Whoever ate it just asked me that how you made it.

Sunil Garg | 15-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : mdh

i tasted the pickel its of very good quality its packing was very good even the oil content was not very much i like its taste very much and here recommend to use it once to test

Ishita Jalan | 15-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Home Made

Good in taste and best while carrying on trips. Found is very useful and good product. Taste is good. Thanks for giving such a nice product to us and help us to experience the new product in our house only.

Asha Garg | 15-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Home Made

The product is really good in taste and best to carry the same while u travel. Thanks for sending such products to us and making such a website. This help customer to experience the things in comfort of there home. Thanks

Pooja Rana | 14-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : home made

this product was awesome , we really enjoyed it .it is very tasty .I want to buy this product in future,it is not very spicy .although it's simply awesome.

Rivneet Chadha | 23-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Mothers Recipe

Good product...I really liked it, Will certainly buy it..I would like to thank www.Sampleandtry.com for sending me the sample of this Mixed pickle item.

Reena Shah | 20-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Mothers

tast was nice and i liked it very much and after using it i brought its new pack from market. Please keep me updated about this kind of products. i love this product. thank you for sending it.

Yati Sood | 06-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : nilond

I mostly use nilon pickle but when i used it i feel it is better than any other one.I advise to try it by everyone. I think everyone will like it. It is very tasty and has mixing of so many items like lemon ,chilli, ginger etc etc...

Jagruti Bhagdev | 20-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : rasraj

Its really a good product Best test in this industries its pure vegetarien test Its a mixed pickle means mixed pickle Ideal for children Ideal for old age

Lloyd Serrao | 18-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : MTR

It's really a very good product. Though I received it very late, I must say its very tasty and not spicy unlike other pickles. Packing should be very appealing and attractive. Will definetely recommend.

Kavita Kaur | 18-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : tops

i realy love this pickle usualy I hate pickels bt when i tryed it after that I am loving picklels thanks so much for demo of this.I want more regal kitchen mixed pickle i love ginger , green chilly , salty , lemon

R r Shah | 10-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Mothers

very nice i like the sample, thank you for sending. the product is very good. i would love to use it and purchase it. keep me updated regarding such product and please send me such products.

Sheetal Dutta | 08-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : tops

I just love to eat mixed pickles and I must say that the sample of regal kitchen mixed pickle was yummy. Everyone in my family liked the taste.The sweet and sour quality makes it delicious.

Sohini Mukherjee | 05-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Tops

The choice of vegetables for the pickle was okay, but the taste was somewhat too salty or a little too oily. A little less salt and a little less oil maybe would have made it taste better.

Pavithra Shanbhag | 04-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : anjali

A really very tasty pickle ever tasted. remembered the pickle prepared by our grand mothers. i will suggest everyone that they should taste this atlast once and i'm sure that they will like it. thank you sample and try for giving this sample..

Shikha Gupta | 08-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : chawla


Lina J | 08-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : priya pickle

The taste is very awesome. I couldn't identify the ingredients added to it, its really a mixture of all. Its not too spicy, so we can give it to kids too.I love the product and wish to buy it

Mona Shah | 08-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : home

i really like the pouch because for out of station to carry the small pouch for one person that good. secondly i like the taste but the oil is very less & its so much small piece of the mango & other so we can't reconized that what we eat.

Pinky Walve | 07-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Pravin pickle

I hate pickles usually because of their strong sour taste, but this MIXED PICKLE BY REGAL KITCHEN is having balanced taste. And now I have it everyday :)

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