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Parle 20-20 Cashew Butter Cookies

Parle 20-20 Cashew Butter Cookies are crispy, sweet and good in taste. These cookies are baked to a golden brown crispiness to melt in the mouth and leave you with the taste of perfection. So enjoy Parle 20-20 cookies, filled with the richness of cashew and the goodness of butter.

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Saroj Rawat | 11-Aug-2014 | Brand Used Previously : priyagold

I recieved this sample very very late but I really like it. It was a pack of sweet, fresh and crispy biscuits. It Melts in our mouth in no time but the taste remains for long time. Perfact tea time snack. The ingridients mentioned on the pack describes that it is not only tasty to eat but also healthy. It can be eaten any time when you feel hungry. my son and me really enjoyed it and finished it in no time. The packing is new and attractive. Now my son often demands for kaju biscuit that means Parle 20-20 cashew butter cookies. Hope others also loved it. Thanks you very much sample and try.

Princee Edward | 11-Jul-2014 | Brand Used Previously : britania

this parle cashew butter cookies is very tasty and very melting in the mouth. I can't stop eating just one it keeps going on and on,both butter and cashew combination is very yummy.

Vandana Wadekar | 05-Jul-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Sunfeast Marie

I Like the test, it is having normal sweetness and affordable price everybody at home like the test. Packing of the product is good. it is testier than other cashew cookies.

Uma Ganesan | 20-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : McVitties

Nice cookies to enjoy. But the product was literally crushed.But kids enjoy them. Good and superb too.I bought Parle cashew cookies after trying this product.

Karthik Ch | 16-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : britannia

Nice crispy and tasty.the name tells it will complete in a 20secs.Good Product. Not So sweet,it has limited sweet and flavor.it is a tea time snack item.

Kalaben Dakhani | 13-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : monaco

Very Very tasty biscuits,amaizing taste even i started this biscuits in morning and evening as a breakfast.i have also recommended to my friends & family member. most important thing is its taste it change mood and encourage to take another piece.

Shambhu chand Saha | 05-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Biscuits Marie Gold

tasty biscuit i love it

Sourav Saha | 01-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Biscuits Marie Gold

Parle 20-20 its a crispy and delicious biscuit with a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. i love it.

Anil Kumar | 12-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Goodday

As good as other leading brand biscuit like goodday. My sample was probably not packed properly and hence had broken and powdered pieces but taste was good

Karthik Sr | 04-Feb-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Britannia

It's good. it's really delicious. hereafter i will buy only 20-20 biscuits. Full of Cashew tasty. nice. i will refer this to my friends to buy this product...

Kumaravadivu G | 08-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : SUNFEAST

Parle 20-20 Cashew Cookie Biscuit, Very good taste, and I and family members, my children like it very much. I surely buy this biscuit my next time monthly house hold purchase. Thanks Sample&Try for providing this biscuit sample.

Kumaravadivu Ganesh | 08-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : BRITANIA

Parle 20-20 Cashew Cookie Biscuit, Very good taste, and I and family members like, my children like it very much. I surely buy this biscuit my next time monthly crocery items buying time. Thanks Sample&Try for providing this biscuit sample.

Jayashree Menon | 07-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Britannia

yummy and tasty biscuit..... i loved it and would prefer it always........ lovely.....

Kaisar Ahmad | 05-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Sunfeast

Sample and Try It is wonderful to try products from this site. The taste of cashew butter cookies is awesome. However, the size should have been some what big. I will keep trying on sample and try Thanking you again

Ashima Khattar | 03-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : britania goodday

we have recieved the sample pack of parle 20-20 butter cookies. every member of the family liked the taste and crispness of the product. we infact after using the sample purchased the same from the market but i would like to bring to your knowledge that product was not available at the outlets & had to search for the outlets to buy the product. will recomed the same to others.

Dhiraj Chandra | 03-Dec-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Britania

Just yummy...great taste..a must have when on the go to eat..crunchy..when you think of biscuits you think of parle g but parle has more to offer and better than its competitors. .

Akhila Madala | 29-Nov-2013 | Brand Used Previously : nutrichoice

just now received the sample of parle 20-20 biscuits. i am so happy. biscuits tastes very good. i recommmend it to my friends and relatives.especially children love to eat .

Shailendra Parmar | 28-Nov-2013 | Brand Used Previously : parle

Parle 20-20 Cashew Butter Cookies are very crispy. Its buttery taste makes it soo good to eat.. I love the taste so much that i will now buy it to eat... Thanks sample and try

Ravjeet Khanuja | 28-Nov-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Britania

These butter cookies with cashews taste awesome. I tried them for the first time and i liked very much.. Thank u sample and try for sending me sample...

Gaurav Patel | 28-Nov-2013 | Brand Used Previously : britania

very very nice taste, and very nice biscuit , amazing taste and very very crunchy, thanks for give this tasty sample, very sweet and very sweet nice biscuit

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