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Polo Apparel Perfume Gel

Polo apparel perfume gel comes with a unique formulation to keep you perfumed & fresh all day long. 

4 Rating out of 57 Votes

Rohan Gohil | 02-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Axe

such a superb product. wow i would to try perfume gel this will be such an amazing sample. I saw my friends is using this perfume he loves it...so it must be working.

Hemant Dakhani | 05-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Zx

Amaizing product it gives long lasting freshness.i also recommand to my friends.it gives whole day freshness even i will change my earlier product.now i will purchase a big container for my family

Arun Kumar | 28-Nov-2013 | Brand Used Previously : MAGNET


Thomas Philip | 31-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : axe

The product was good. I was to excited waiting for this ,It was nice to receive this product. i used it the very next day & the smell was too good . I made my day & whole day the smell remained fresh & kept me too fresh.Thank you.

Mayank Tewari | 28-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : AXE

nice and mild Fragrance. Makes you feel fresh all day.refreshes your mood as well. will definitely recommend this product to my know persons. Thanks for this sample

Jeevan Sharma | 28-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : nivya

i have recieved polo gold apparel perfume gel.this is best product.i m tried this,so cool man..i m say our friends about this product...my friend use this & say that this is supereb...

Bhavin Balar | 25-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : jusic

this product is nice for use and this perfume gel is nice for all the customer who want good perfume and i like the brand also,i think i m going to buy this product for daily use so thanx to sample and try to send me this product sample

Anil Patil | 21-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : axe

polo gold perfume is the best perfume .....this brand is very famous and good... i like to use this.... please send me as soon as possible........ i waiting for this sample

Ashish Madhani | 16-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : david off

this product is very good. polo perfume smell very good. every one must try it out at least once. it really refresh the day . polo brand perfumes are very excellent.

Rajeev Bhushan | 10-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : lacoste

It was amezing and believe me people will forget another brand after using this awsome product.. it has brand quality those people who are looking for . i am glad to recommend people to definetely go for this. thank youuuuuuuu

Abhijit Taur | 08-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Calvin Klein one

excellent and long lasting fragnence keeps fresh and refresh all the day thanks for sample and most gel concept is very good will also recommend my frends

Mohit Agarwal | 07-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : None

The packaging of the sachet could have been better, otherwise everything was as expected the aroma was kindda different, good different. Nice product.

Rakesh Kumar | 05-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : brut

frargrance is too gud its not too calm nor too strong i hav ordered a sample for my wife she likes it very much and hide it from everyone so she could only wear it

Advocate Sunil | 04-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : park avenue

i think polo apparel perfume gel is the one of the best perfume gel in the world.this is a nice product.i like very much.polo apparel perfume gel smell is so nice. me and my family like this product very much.

Chandra shekhar Das | 04-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : park avenue

polo apparel perfume gel is realy good product. i try this product and satisfied. this is a nice product. its fragnece is owsome.polo apparel perfume gel is a amazing product.

Munendera Pal singh | 02-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : axe

the perfume is best in class i like it and will buy it thanks sample and try for providing me this opportunity the scent of the perfume is also very good

Subendu Biswas | 01-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : charle

this is totally good product polo is a branded. so this sample very aggressive to other women. feel is very good to other brand thanks to your team & website

Aayush Beejawat | 01-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Axe

The product was very nice..very impressive fragrance...will use it in future definately.........nd will also tell my friends about this inexpensive stuff....

Mayur Ramji | 01-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : none

it is a very good perfume gel.. it smells very good. i really liked it. it has awesome fragnence ... lovely smell.... i would like to buy it. can any one tell me from where i can get it..

Darshan Gandhi | 01-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : adidas

This is nice purfume Gel received in sache. It has really nice fraganance then the other products which i have tried and used previously. Thanks for sending me this nice sample.

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