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Total Oral Care

Total Oral Care takes care of complete oral health and hygiene. Strengthens and tightens gums, stops bleeding, fights bad breath, treats sensitive teeth, removes stains and whitens teeth. Prevents plaque and tartar formation. It improves blood circultion and is anti-bacterial. It treats tooth-aches, fights pyorrhea and prevents other mouth and gum disorders.

4 Rating out of 9 Votes

Niral Jain | 14-Apr-2014 | Brand Used Previously : Sensodyne

IT was very good....Bleeding and bad odur was completely stop...Already order and using it since then.only disadvantage found is in the taste. otherwise very good

Swati Kamtekar | 06-Mar-2014 | Brand Used Previously : colgate whitning

It is very nice product. Thanxs for providing the product for sample. Now my family using this product on daily basis. Its a Herbal product and smell is also very nice.

Venudhar Redishetty | 10-Aug-2013 | Brand Used Previously : vico

Thank you for the sample. this oral care is very easy to use.Also I found a gradual change in my teeth condition.I din't have any side effects.I am very happy to know about this product.I strongly promote this product.

Shailesh Ved | 29-Jul-2013 | Brand Used Previously : colgate

i love this products quality and have recommended to my 3 friends after they tried it and satisfied. i like its packing too. as a name suggest "NIRVAAHA total oral care " it is really a total care .

Praneeth Annavarapu | 25-Jul-2013 | Brand Used Previously : colgate

this is a very good product. very good for the teeth. teeth will be strong with this product. this is very use full product and the cost is also within the range of the common man. so I suggest to use this

Shivananda Matrubai | 14-Jul-2013 | Brand Used Previously : dabur

this was something new and i find it truely fantastic product, really a good one for oral care, and good for all ages too, a product that speaks in itself and helps in our day to day oral and dental care, after sampling this one, i find no other one to match this one