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Kokila Mehndi

100% Natrual and Chemical Free. Long lasting effect. 

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Swati Gupta | 28-Aug-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Neha

Kokila Mehandi was very nice. Lasts long. Better than the previous brand I used. This mehandi has no chemicals, i liked this thing the best. Thank you so much.

Shanno Gupta | 17-Aug-2013 | Brand Used Previously : herbal

thanks for the free sample i used this product its a good product and even safer to use because its a herbal product.the colour last long while compared to other product.i strongly recommend this product to my family and friends

Preeti Dodhia | 15-Aug-2013 | Brand Used Previously : DULHAN

Kokila Mehandi is awesome. used just 2 days back it has a nice rich dark colour,. after a long time seen mehendi which is specially for hands and not for hair and hand.

Madhu Gurnani | 11-Jul-2013 | Brand Used Previously : henna

very nice product like to try again I have refer my family and friends to use this mehndi the colour was toooooo good. Thanks for sending this product

Josephine Sequeira | 11-Jul-2013 | Brand Used Previously : none

This mehandi is very good.Lasts long and very good color.Easy to apply.I will definitely buy this product again and recommend it to others.Thank you Sample and Try.

Tanu Mehrotra | 28-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Bansuri

I liked kokila mehandi. earlier i was using other brands like bansuri. Bit the response of KOKILA Mehanndi is very good. After using this brand I can opt for this brand.

Veera Reddy | 21-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : None

It is very smooth and the colour it gave really astonished me. The packet size was a bit small. That is the only con I can say about it. Remaining it is a nice product.

Anita Sardesai | 20-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : dulhan mehandi

Thanks a lot for sample... Mehandi is tooo good it gives dark colour so every one says My husband loves me lots but later on knows the real secret.. Complete cone had proper mixture that is without solid items in between. I love the colour & quality of cone Thanks for giving me such a colourful sample...

Priya Rani | 20-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : NEHA

i tried this product first time and i am very happy by use this product i will advice all others people to use this product awesome it give very good colour aftersometime

Mamta Mehta | 15-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : nupur

i had used kokila mehandi on my special occassion......its so good and easy to use......and revealed fantastic colour in my hand........thanks a lot...........

Mrs dolan Sarkar | 12-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : NICE

Used the product, I was supposed to receive instant mehandi cone but it turned out to a pack of dry mehandi powder,, Have to mix it with water before applying , but i appreciate the coloring.

Gita Madhu | 07-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Nupur

Perhaps I waited too long after adding water but it left no colour. I may have to buy the same brand and get it applied by someone who knows how to apply and then my feedback would be valid

Aisha Garg | 07-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : hena

kokila mehndi is very effective.its color is pure and natural.its easy to apply. it leaves behind very dark color.no need to keep it overnight.no need of nimbu cheeni ghol.

Ashwini J | 05-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Singh

Thanks for the free sample. This is a gud product. The color last long while compared to other brands. Its a herbal product so safe to give a try also.

Mohni Gupta | 01-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : hina

this is the good product.kokila instant mehandi make my hand beautiful. i used this product again and again.thank you for send kokila instant mehandi.

Sania Narvi | 24-Apr-2013 | Brand Used Previously : satrang

recieved this sample thanx alot sample and try for sending me .. nice dark colour very good quality henna. i will definetly buy it again kokila cones

Minal Vora | 23-Apr-2013 | Brand Used Previously : NON


Bhavana Bhusane | 22-Apr-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Heena

Thanks a lot,the product is nice.the colour of the mehandi remains for many days.it is better that the mehandi is pure & Natural.so, there is no harm from using it.

Renuka Bitla | 21-Apr-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Arman

The color is very dark red and also it lasted for many days as compared to the other brands that i used. Is very cool and it can also be used for applying on hair for coloring hair instead of other chemical mehendis

Poonam Sharma | 21-Apr-2013 | Brand Used Previously : HEENA

This is very good product. The colour of this kokila instant mehandi shows very quickly and and very rich to. But only problem is mehandi colour not get for long time otherwise product is best to purchase.

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