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Zx Magnet Perfume Gel

A modern fragrance with a commanding, royal character. The perfume gels are a completely new product, which fills the gap in the market for non flame-able, leak proof perfumes. The perfume gels are easy to carry and will not spill into your bags while travelling.

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Ramni Goyal | 07-Jan-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Fa

Easy to use and long lasting fragrance, safe for skin

Ranjana Devi | 08-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : None

The sample of Zx Magnet Perfume Gel that was sent from your end was good. This is the first time I have used this product. I would like to recieve many more samples like this in future. Thank you for sending the sample.

Sasmita Nayak | 21-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : i am not using any

Applied for the sample from sample and try in July. It is november 21st . Still did not receive the package.So can't comment. Still I am trying comment because i have bought it from a shop. It is an ok gel nothing great.

Baskar Jothi | 05-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Denim

This is makes me more energetic for whole day. Thank you very much. I should appreciate your team for sending this nice product. I like this product very much. Definitely I will refer this product to my friends

Shama Sharma | 30-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : none

i had tried it it really smells good and absorbs fast in the skin. and also it is easy to use for people having sensitive skin like of mine.i had also used it on my hair and every one asked me about my new shampoo

Barkha Kukreja | 28-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : dove

Nice to smell having a great frangance every one should use it .frangance was excellent and stayed for many hours that was the best part .One should atleast give a try to this

Y Susritha | 17-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : nothing

this is agood product this is a good perfume.this is the very useful.thank u for sample and try for sending the sample.this is avery super smell.thank u for sample and try.

Shah Faisal | 17-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : axe

today i receive magnet perfume. It comes in a small pouch. Its value is of 3 rupees. Its smell is very nice and i wish to go into the market and purchase its full bottle.

Khushboo Bhagchand | 10-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : axe

This product is easy to apply and smells just wonderful. It is not too overpowering and has a pleasant fragrance too. What I love about is that it is comes in a sachet which can be slipped into my bag. So I don't need to lug around my deo everywhere I go.I can apply it quite easily whenever I want.

Devendra Palan | 07-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : NONE

WOW!!! Superb perfume.... its a unique type gel perfume.. I liked it... too good fragrance... and too worth of money... Thanks a Lot sample and Try for giving this.. :)

Rajive Jain | 03-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : dove

good frgrance, long lasting, easy to use, good to buy..... good in travelling, no stains, thanks a lot to sample and try team for sending me this free sample to me.

Neha Kapadia | 03-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : nivea

its a good one but fragrance doesnt last very long really need to improve on that part. Rest everything is good. will definitely capture a good market if improved

Harsh Rastogi | 02-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : NIVEA

It has a very long lasting smell...and perfume in a sachet is a new and working idea...only the packing doesnt look atttractive otherwise product is really good..Thanks

Kavita Kedia | 01-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : nothing

very nice & cute sample of small price, i like the magnet perfume gel, i used in our body and smell very good.Any body asking with me where from received this product, i want to buy this.

Jinal Ambavi | 01-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : none

Zx magnet perfume gel had an awesome fragrance. i applied it in the morning while foing to office,and it lasted till i returned home. i purchased it from the shop the consecutive day i used this sample. i just loved it.thank u sampleandtry

Ashay Kulkarni | 26-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : parachute

great perfume!! the perfume lingers for a long time..surely would buy it in future...a good product but has escaped me till now!will look out for it next time i visit shops

Sunil Khandelwal | 24-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Head and Shoulder

its a very good aroma gel but awkward in applying it in cream form.i will give this average points.Thanks for sending me this gel.great work by sampleandtry.

Kulbhushan Upadhyay | 24-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : charly

hi its gr8 product love to use it and want to use some more in different flavour . and also its good to have in different packing that eassy to use. thanks for the gr8 product

Ganesh Suyampirakasam | 20-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fa deodarent

Finally I have received the magnet perfume gel.Its odour is awesome.But when i apply in my neck after some time my eyes get irritation and becomes reddish.But otheriwse smell is very cool and pleasant.

Rajkumar Sapkal | 20-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : park avenue

Zx Magnet Perfume gel is nice..i like it! but cream is very difficult to apply .. so its better if you could convert this product from Cream to Spry. over all Zx magnet perfume gel smells very very very goooooooooood........ so over all i will rate this product as as average......

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