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Sangini Fairness Cream

Sangini fine love is widely chosen by women for a younger, brighter complexion. It helps not only to improve your skin 's fairness but also to improve the condition of your skin.For a fairer complexion that glows from with in and stays protected, start each day with sangini fine love fairness cream.

3 Rating out of 163 Votes

Ranjana Pandey | 13-May-2013 | Brand Used Previously : fair and lovely

easy to use very fine and good fragrance cream it whitens the face with a very good look it enhance my complexion and give me a better look in few days.

Ramya S | 06-Mar-2013 | Brand Used Previously : fair and lovely

it is smudge free and provides fairness to face.good product to use.quality product with less cost.it is worth using the product.thanks for sample and try for giving the sample.

Sakthidevi Ranganathan | 25-Feb-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Fair and Lovely

good to use and keeps my skin elasticity and moist for eight hours. thanks to sample and try for suggesting me this fine love beauty cream. Smells very good and happy as available in small packs

Sarita Sharma | 01-Feb-2013 | Brand Used Previously : olay

Hello sample & try thank you very much for giving me sach a realy very nice product.It makes my skin soft and supple.It suitable for all skin type thanks

Vandana Chutani | 09-Jan-2013 | Brand Used Previously : fair&lovely

I like it and go to market for purchase it.Because this is make my skin soft and glowing and I am feeling natural . I also tell about that after use itI forget another brands which I use long time thanks

Pramila Chirukandan | 05-Jan-2013 | Brand Used Previously : FAIR AND LOVELY


Erum Saeed | 29-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Fair and lovely

This cream is just awesome.Although I tried it for the first tym..but I am very impressed. Must say its value for money.. Sngini Fine Love came out as a clear winner. I will be going to buy it again for sure.

Sam Sam | 27-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Fair n Lovely

I did not like this product much. This look as imitation of fair and lovely but the quality is not comparable. It caused dryness and redness on my face. I will not recommend this product.

Sonal Chaocing | 26-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fair and lovely

Sangini Fine Love as a fairness cream applies equivalent to any other such product in the market.something that distinguishes it from other creams is not significant in the quality but the price.

Sudha Shukla | 22-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : ayur

same like other fairness cream there is no difference.lack of advertisement.nothing special .but pricing is good and packaging is nice.its a new brand so trust is less.

Madhu Shah | 16-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fair and lovely

Recd Sample. It was just so different from other normal creams that we use daily. Would definetly like to buy and use it and also would further recommend others about it. Thanks

Bhavini Shah | 05-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fair & lovely

It was really good one, it can compete the others in the market but it was little sticky so little attention is to be given on it to improvise on it to get a better long time shine on face

Rosalin Sahoo | 23-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Granier

Thanks for providing my first sample. Used the same the aroma is good, Gives a fresh feel and improves my complexion but is bit sticky so will be difficult to manage during summer, otherwise a good product.

Jignya Shah | 21-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fair and lovly

The product was good. It smells good. its not oliy as well. its an average fairness cream

Ayushi Goyal | 17-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : dove

i received the product.i found it nice.i could feel glow on my face within 3 days of use.sample and try is a great site.thank you sample and try.cream is nice and cheap.

Reeta Pal | 14-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : ponds

sangini fairness cream- its quality though can be improved by adding some moisturing property to it...... Rest i like all other things about it. Price is also reseanable for everyone .

Sapna Bhatia | 05-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Fair & Lovely

very good product and I luv to use it again and again. its better than fair and lovely and any other product you can see the different within two three days

Pranita Sabat | 02-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fair & Lovely

in your site it is shown that the sample is already dispistched. but would like to inform you that till date i am not receive any such sample from you. becouse of it i am unable to request for another sample

Kusum Agarwal | 24-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fair and lovely

very effective for skin.it also gives fair colour.smooth on skin.also comes in budget.sangini is a new brand which i have used through sample and try but now i am regularly using it.

Akanksha Diwadi | 23-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vlcc

It is a real good launch. It is worth being used. I am really happy how effective it turned out to be. It is a good product from sangini. It may be used by daily users or non-frequent ones. It worth giving a shot.

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