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Navratna Cool Talc

Navratna Cool talcum powder is a herbal product formulated with Mint, Camphor and other essential herbs. Along with the herbs it has a special Cooling Fragrance. It also gives a cool sensory feeling & keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated all day.

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Dineshkumar Patel | 05-Feb-2013 | Brand Used Previously : ponds

The product "Himani Navratna Cool Talc" itself tells everything about it. It has really good smelt and very effective cooling effect. Highly recommended product.

Amit Gupta | 27-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Ponds Dreamflower

Navratan cool talc is rightly justifying its name by giving a nice cooling effect with long lasting nice aroma.I have got its big pack from market and I use it daily.Worth its price I would say

Nisha Pal | 17-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Nycil

i received the sample of navratna cool talc....... this is very good talc for both male and female..... i loved this product. my little brother used this product also........ and i purchase this talc from market and use regularly..........

Thirumalai D | 09-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dermicool

It just waved off the tiredness in me. this is awesome product. I would definetly recommend this to all. thank you.

Savita Rawat | 05-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dermicool

Normally I use beauty talc but when summer irritates I prefer to use nycil. When i got Navratna coll talc sample I immediately used and and found awesome. It is very cool and effective.

Asha Singh | 03-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : DermiCool

this is very cool talc & i really thanks to the company even sample & try is very useful to try this kind of product before purchase it. In summer cooling is helpful because of this product

Stella Lopes | 28-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dermi cool

too good... fantasist...nice fragrance... smooth touch. will try with a good and big family pack. hope it gets better and like other family members. SRK looks too cool.. brand of NAVRATNA.

Namish Singh | 22-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Spinz

It was good to have such a sample & felt great when I received it..It was small & handy to carry..Cool Talc..feels great when we are in hot place. Keep on promoting such Product..Nice to have such website where we can try product first & then can buy from market..

Jyoti Shah | 19-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : darmi cool

I use this product navratna cool talc sample. It is cool in summer season. feeling ice cool in sun. it is excellant, superb for use. now I regularly purchase this product.

Alpesh Prajapati | 18-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dermi Cool

that was really good, superb experience and i like to use such products too.. navratna is always good as i am using it since long time.. so no doubt on this.. over all happy happy happy

Smeetha Panch | 04-Sep-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Johnson & Johnson

Amazing cool talc soft and smooth to touch , spreads quickly and brings instant relief to the body. Quick relief from a sweaty body. A must try for all and its very cost effective.

Sugandha Arora | 25-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fa

wah really very soothing thanda talc.the fragrance and the cooling effect captured my mind.also its useage helped me to remove my irritation which was caused due to sweat.nice product.thanks sample n try.

Sandesh Kharat | 23-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : ponds

hi i am sandesh this is my first sample come to my house. i am very happy.thank you the navratna cool talc the really cool talc.this is good thank you for send me

Pranav Kadam | 22-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : park avenue

i received the product. this is very nice i used this product and my skin dry and cold in summer.and very nice smell also.i feel difference compared other product . thanks sample and try.

Agnel S | 18-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : spinz

very good and last long frangrance it will be great to use it i suggest other also to try it, to get good and ever lasting frangrance through out the day

Swati Khandelwal | 17-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Ponds

I received the product. This talc powder is very good and keeps my skin dry and cold in summer. Which It has very nice smell also. I will recommended this product to others.

Banupriya Mohankumar | 10-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Gokul sandal owder

perfect cool for this summer. I used it for my toddler. he is fine and comfort with it. I bought a large pack this month and using it. Thanks sample & try.

Pratik Sura | 09-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : ponds

it was nice using product for first time i recommend this product to others. I will use this product in future for keeping me cool. before this i used many others

Sridevi Tabjula | 07-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : shower to shower


Ajay Kanakaraj | 07-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Denim

I tried this product and found it to be quite different form what are in the market, it really does keep you cool for a while. Nice product, nice fragrance, definitely worth a try.

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