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Pril Dishwashing Liquid

Pril has the double power of lime and vinegar. Lime cleans out the toughest grease and burnt stains while vinegar removes residual food odours.Try its effectiveness for the tough grease and regular cleaning to be sure that it cleans without damaging the metal & your skin.

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Priya Das | 27-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : vimbar

Its a very good product and very effective too. I used it for 2 months that is money saving also. Dishes were very clean and shining.i will like to recommend this product to others also.

Sushmita Adhikary | 23-Jan-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Vim

pril was great to use.....i have maid to wash utensils and she was very happy with the change in dishwashing soap...it is economical and can wash many utensils....it leaves the bartans very clean...

Suman Thapar | 26-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : VIM

Pril lemon is dish washing liquid ok to use. but sample was too small to use and to judge.SO please next time send some more quantity. but till now its ok to use but not better than Vim

Saranya Gopal | 14-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

Pril diswash bar is very nice. I like this very much. smell is good compare to others. Easy to clean. Stains are removed cleanly. I bought pril dis wash bar after using the sample pack. Sample and try is very helpful to change our diswash brand.

Fatima Almeida | 22-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

i wanted to try this different product.it cleans the dishes quite well.i am quite satisfied with the product.i hope to buy this product from now on.thanks for the sample.

Karthiga Vigneshwaran | 20-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

The Pril dishwashing liquid is very good, with one drop we can clean lots of dishes and utensil.It clean any dish which has contain lots of oil Thanks to sample try foe this sample.

Neha Kamboj | 13-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

Pril Dishwashing Liquid is a good product..leaves dishes cleaned so brightly with the essence of lemon.I have switched to pril dishwashing liquid now from my old dishwashing soap

Suchita Date | 30-Aug-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Vim liqid

it is very thick, and safe to use. also smell is refreshing and lasts for long time. i will prefer to buy this as compared to other liquid soap. but quantity given to me was so small. then also there was so much of soapy bubbles formed. and clean the oiliness.

Richa Agarwal | 22-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

this is a very good product and after trying this i will surely use this product again in future...it clean dishes very easily and it is very easy to use.it smells good too.

Annapoorani B | 17-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

worked so wonderful.nice one.would suggest everyone.nice dish washer.the smell and the effect on the dish is so superber that makes me happy ;

Saritha Meruva | 07-Jul-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Vim

This is easy and powerful to use compared to the regular dish washing bars. Just few drops of Pril liquid goes on for more dishes comparatively. In total, a nice and easy to use product.

Kalpana Jain | 20-Jun-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

the product-Pril Dishwashing liquid has a great cleaning formula and removes the stains and greasiness very quickly and effectively..I rate it five out of five

Vinita Kanted | 20-Jun-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

Pril dishwashing liquid has a very good fragrance and it removes the stains very easily without any hassle..it cleans the vessels very quickly with less effort

Namrata Srivastava | 31-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

the product is just ok. i left it in open air for sometime and it dried. so this aspect of product must me taken care by company. the smell of product is good.

Avisha Ladhani | 29-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

its fine and gives immediate result. it make life easy for women and utensils glitters.i had made this sample used permanently dish washing liquid in my home

Nagashree Iv | 28-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

nice product easy to use as i am using it first time i felt easy for washing vessels it cleans the dirt more easily than any other dish washer the company is worth reliable

Preeti Singh | 28-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim


Kothari G | 23-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vim

I USED THE PRIL, IT REALLY WORKED, the dirt which was not getting clean from any other liquid, Got cleared, Thank you for the sample, It was really greatt to use.

Vanitha Dasi | 22-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : VIM

with Pril, the stains are getting removed easily especially milk pans and oil stains. The lemon flavour doesnt allow the utensils to smell after washing with PRIL

Geeta Das | 22-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Vim

This small sample is a miracle. It washes very well and the smell lingers in the hands and vessels after some time. It is worth the buy. It is branded as well, so a boon for the dirty vessels

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