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Gillette Series

Gillette Series Sensitive skin shave gel is lightly scented and contains aloe. Three effective lubricants enhance razor glide to help the Triple Protection formula protect your skin against nicks and cuts, redness and tightness, so you get an incredibly smooth shave.

4 Rating out of 316 Votes

Jayprakash Prasad | 02-Oct-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Park Avenue

The best product i have come across,thanks for sampleandtry.com for providing ,a chance to providing the sample, Gillete is the best product, It would the best product to get the sample to try

Sudhanshu Saxena | 01-Aug-2013 | Brand Used Previously : Denim

Pretty well,No itches and great foam lather.Now i regularly use this product.Glad to have some things for men.Gillette makes the men perfect by their awesome grooming product range.

Vishal Wadhawan | 04-Mar-2013 | Brand Used Previously : none

this is a good product but it should be less in price. I am giving four star only due to price else it is five star product. i recommend to buy this product at least one.

Niket Patel | 25-Jan-2013 | Brand Used Previously : axe

good option of shave cream....i am using it on regular basis now. and thorown away my shaving cream which i was using earlier till date..simple and easy...

Deepam Jain | 28-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : old spice

must use, require a very less quantity, enough foam & easy to use.. much better than any other shaving gel. gillete makes the best shaving gels, indeed. thought the quantity in pouch was sufficeint to make shave three times, so on an approvimation 150 ml ytube will get you atlest 200 shaves.

Manish Aggarwal | 26-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : axe

its a very gud product with lots of leather n gives smoth shave gillette is one of best brand in this segment i got this sample n try thanks samle and try

Kulbhaskar Pandey | 21-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Park avenue

This was the great product & as usual the gillette is continuously improoving their quality after the trial i get the great feeling & now i have decided that i will use it continously the best thing about this saving cream is the small amount is only required for one save & it cost less than rupees five per save still i was using different brand for saving , but i have been decided that after using this gillette save gel i will use it for comlete rest of my life

Samir Upadhyay | 18-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : palmolive

i dont receive any sample from yore site...so please check and send again to me.. thanks

H Suresh | 15-Dec-2012 | Brand Used Previously : palmolive

This is a great experience. This shave gel keeps my face very smooth. With good foam and with the smell of aloe, the skin really becomes very fabulous. Great experience. I will use this in future and will recommend to my friends and relatives also.

Mohammedhussain Kalsekar | 28-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : SuperMaxx

it was just like the original product, i actually bought this after this sample. gillette is definately a good brand, but after trying the sample was very sure about it. thank you Sample&TRY for sending it and delivering it so quickly!

Purna Bhuyan | 27-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Axe

After using Gillette gel i feel that this is the best shaving gel, b'coz from other shaving products which was used by me earlier giving dryness, but Gillette gel has give my skin more comfortable than ever after. I would recommend my coaliates to use this product....

Ankit Shastri | 21-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : palmolive

very good to use.definitely worth trying.will purchase it next time.such smooth shave after using this extremely.aloe is a very good ingredient in shave gel

Sanjay Purohit | 20-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : axe

I realy happy get this product my frnds says me this site and me use so i m soooooo happay I am used gilette shave gel and my face has so cool and clean than other product

Vijay Sharma | 20-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dettol

It is a nice product. We can use it again and again so I recommend the same to my friends also. One can have smooth shaving exprience. The fragrance is also good.

Minkal Patel | 08-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dettol

good shaving option for youngsters... The brand gillette introduces first ever gel which requires very nominal qty for a single time shave.. excellent...more expecting from gillete...

Vikas Bhalla | 06-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : dettol

Good one i have used Gillete series shave gel, or i am continously using the gillete shave gel. i am a regular use of gillette shave gel. i love gillette shave gel. it makes my shaving experience very amasing. being a hard shave, it smoothes and moistorise my skin,

Paresh Patel | 02-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : pamolive

I received your valuable sample with short period, i very much appriciate to use your grand sample.i also suggest my friends to use your sample i hope in future this will be continiue

Pankaj Surana | 28-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : godrej

Gillette series is nice shaving gel. Skin feels to be smooth. Aloe is good for skin so it makes skin soft. Aloe makes skin shine. My father also liked it.

Vijay Aswani | 24-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Park avenue Classic

Thx for the free sample shave gel Pouch...infact this is the first sample i have ever received frm anyone as i did apply few in Reward me n others but never recieved any...Thanks again Sample& try...awaitin more from you

Mohak Dugar | 23-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : old spiece

got the sample its better then the foam i used .now would be using gillette gel for saving. have recommened many friends of mine to try the gell. anf most of them gave positive reply.

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