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Nihar Shanti Amla Hair Oil

Nihar Shantil Amla Oil enriches hair growth and pigmentation. It prevents premature graying of hair, dandruff, increases the strength of hair follicles and thus preventing hair-fall.

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Abdul Momeen | 07-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : dabar

hi it's me abdul from surat great to use this product it's nice to use and also before i use other coconut hair oil now i m use this it's nice and now i m using this with all family . Thanx to sample & Try who change our mind and give such a nice product....///

Partha Chakraborty | 29-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Parachute

Nihar Shanti Amla Hair Oil is light and non-sticky. The smell of Nihar Shanti Amla Hair oil is good. The product have a good cooling sensation. The effect remains for almost 12-16 hours. It helps scalp from dry sensation, reduces dandruff.

Khimani Rajesh | 13-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : DABUR

good product and really makes head shant with shanti. goodness of amla really is very effective and not all hair oils in India claiming to be fortified with amla really contain amla. But Shanti Amla hair oil is really good

Vishal Kain | 10-Oct-2012 | Brand Used Previously : almonds

Its Awasome. I after this delivery Next Day I straight Go to the market to by It Every One Should buy it very good product!

Rubi Chitlangia | 22-May-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur

Thanks for providing an useful & effecting hair oil. I have started regular use to this oil and very much satisfied with the result. Pls. always introduce me for such type of healthy & useful product Regards,

Rahul Kar | 31-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Navratna Oil

The oil was very light and of good quality. Though it lacked strong perfume I think its good for people having hair fall problem.The benefits of vitamin C of amla also adds to the pros of this product.

Gagandeep Singh | 04-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dabar Amla

Since i tried the sample for Shanti Amla hair oil. We have replaced it with Dabar Amla hair oil. It is more light than any other hair oil..We have tried a no of other hair oils as well, but after a long time i've found something which which is good and cheap as compare to the other varients available in the market today. I'll recommand everyone should atleast try it once and bet he/she will not be using any other oil then this.

Maha Irfan | 04-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur Amla

i used the oil and must say it is not sticky and leaves hair fresh and smooth. the smell is not very strong, and is refreshing for a head massage. i have bought the oil again for use!

Saranya Natarajan | 11-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : dabur

I tried Nihar..It helps to reduce head ache too.awesume product everyone needs to try this product.I am happy will be continue in using the same.IT reduces the body heat too

Harshal Shelat | 01-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur Amla

The Sample Of Nihar Shanti Amla Hair Oil Which i received was a good one. it has made my hair silky and its not greasy too in comparison to other hair oils containing Amla. The badam extract in it has also made the odour of the oil much pleasurable.

Jawahar Bhagat | 29-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : dabur

Really, it does great effect. after all it has amla which is well known for providing nourishment for hair growth. My wife used it and said that it has preconditioned her air and had given shineness and soft texture to her hair. I liked the product

Shirish Gala | 27-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : vatika

great oil very much pleasant, so great maza aya the smell was also good besides the goodness of AMLA make it very much valuable will surely buy these thanks for suggesting it i'm very happy and merry christmas

Veena V | 23-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : amway

I ordered Nihar Shanti Amla To see the difference between it n Amway hair oil. After using Shanti Amla oil , I think this is the best product to my hair, and I feel my hair has become even more stronger and healthy...

Nischal Sanghavi | 23-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Parachute

The quality of the oil is very good. The fragrance is also good. Good value for money product. No problem in spending money for the product. I recommend this product after using the sample.

Yogesh Sonawane | 22-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : parachute

this is a wonerful product.i would always recommend my friends to use it.fantastic results in very ereasonable price.thanx sampleandtry to give me the opportunity.

Roopa Desai | 20-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Parachute Advanced Coconu

The oil is really wonderful. It made my hair soft and silky after one use only. I will definitely start buying it in future.It has a wonderful fragrance. Even my daughter loved it.I am waiting for my hair to grow long as the model , by usage of this oil.

Gaurav Singhal | 19-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Vatika Oil

nihar shanti amla oil is very good in all amla oil,its a light in comparision to dabur amla hair oil.The price is also cheap.The short packing is easily obtain by lower people also.

Anil Chheda | 17-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : parachute hair oil

THANXS SAMPLE & TRY,i recd sample in time and after using my hairfall is very low its good for me.NOW I CAN KNOW THE NEW PRODUCTS WITH THE HELP OF SAMPLE AND TRY ANIL

Banupriya Mohankumar | 17-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Parachute

Ordered first time.. I was using parachute...Not as much as parachute.... odour is too much.. can be better.. Very fast delivery. Better prouct next time I believe... Thank you...

Anil Rishiraj | 17-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur Amla

Very pleasant smell and really cool.Hairs becomes so soft and shining and you could feel it.Could sleep well after putting in hairs.Must try to know the real fact.

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