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Fair and Handsome

Emami, in collaboration with Activor Corp, USA, herbalists and dermatologists from India has created a unique fairness cream for Men with a breakthrough Five Power Fairness System to make skin fair and handsome. It also helps in relieving stress and fatigue signs - gives men’s tough skin a firmer look. Emami Fair And Handsome fairness cream protects men's face from sun's UV Rays.

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Shantanu Shrivastav | 10-Nov-2012 | Brand Used Previously : GARNIER


Rameshbhai Dobariya | 08-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : none

i really like this producr as before i was using other fair product.compre to all it is great product.thanx emami and s&t team.thanx and provide more product liike this.

Talha Manzoor | 24-Feb-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Calendula Aleovera

The product is really good and seems to work to give a matt finish but at times when water is used after applying the product some kind of irritation is felt.

Amit Malhotra | 15-Feb-2012 | Brand Used Previously : boro plus

hi,i got this product,its amazing on my face giving good result.now i only use fair and handsome daily and also advice to my friends also to use this nice product..thanks.

Chandra Sekhar | 17-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Fair Ever

I am using this for past 2 years and this face cream is awesom. I will surely recommend this to all my friends. The sample which i have received is having same quality and awesome.

Abhishek Sh | 12-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : ponds

This is the first time i have ever tried a product of this kind, and i am surprised by the fact that this product is very very good. I am sure i am going to use this for a very long time.

Ketan Sheth | 11-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : fair and lovely

it was nice using this product. i have decided that from now i will always use this product. i would like to thak sample and try for introducng this product to me. i would also like to thank emani for sending me their special product as a sample. hope so i may also get the other product also. thank u

Abhishek Suman | 05-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : dove

its a very fantastic cream.m never use before it.thanks to sampleandtry.com for sending this sample.after using this creame face becomes more clear and smart.its very nice.

Ankush Taneja | 03-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Nivea

It was a good experience whilst using this cream. Enhances face complexion in just 7 days if used daily. Plus its vanishing power is too good. Its good to recommend to others and must try for others.

Shah Faisal | 03-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : olay

it is the best cream i have ever used. I will now use it daily. I will go to market and buy a new one. From now I am the regular user of fair and handsome.

Shail Nawab | 25-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Not using any

i have received the sample and use it for 1 week as per instruction note on product. its a really good. After using Fair and Handsome skin color is little fair and very clean. Thanks to sample and try and also many thanks to fair and handsome-emami.

Rahul Mittal | 22-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : lotus

The product is quite good and helps in making skin fairer.I recommend everyone to try atleast once.The cream is so soft and spread on face easily.It smells so good

Rajesh Swaika | 16-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : VLCC

Very good cream. Special thanks to sample & Try for sending the sample. Used for the first time. Have recomended to friends. One must try to have a younger look.

Sapan Kotharia | 15-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Nevia

I have just logged in this site and requested fro the sample for this Emami Fair and Handsome cream & really i got sample in just 2 to 3 days from requesting date. I've used it for a week and i found changes in my skin fairness. Really believe me its really works..Thanks Sample & Try.

Parveen Arora | 15-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Fair & Lovely

Really i loved this product, earlier i was using Fair & Lovely and now i am surely going to switch over this product. Its results are really visible in short span period of time. Thanks to Sample and Try for providing me such nice sample and Emami for making such product.

Prashant Dave | 15-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Garnier light

The product is definately very effective especially for men's skin.I feel the glow and fairness on my skin. I like the product and refering the product to others.Thanks.

Teki Lakshmi | 14-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : fair & lovely

MY husband has used this sample and he is very with the product and he purchased this month fair and handsome.He is very happy with the product. Thanks for sending me the sample.

Ramprasad Mg | 14-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Garnier

Using the cream n enjoying it. Skin ll be oilless n bright after applying this cream.. Good for everyone. My brother is also using this.. I ll definitely recommend to everyone.. Thank u very much samplenTry & Emami...

Anil Gupta | 14-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : na

thank for shipping and this is very comfart to me.and very useful to black brwon face to shining face .this item is very comfart to a Handsome Man. this item use for every Man .

Ravinder Shah | 14-Dec-2011 | Brand Used Previously : ponds

Hey guys. I have used emami fair and handsome. awwww .. it was so good. Its a very good fairness product form emami. i have used many fairness product for men but i liked it the most. So guys just try this one..

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