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Parachute is premium edible grade coconut oil, a market leader in its category. Synonymous with pure coconut oil in the market, Parachute is positioned on the platform of purity. In fact over a time it has become the gold standard for purity. From a loosely available commodity to a path-breaking brand, Parachute pioneered the switch from coconut oil sold in tins to plastic.

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Kunal Gupta | 09-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur Almond Hair Oil

A very light and soothing hair oil. must for all the ages as it has pure and natural coconut extract which helps in controlling the hair fall and also nurish it.

Vikas Shah | 06-Mar-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur Amla

It is good. Now I am start using this brand oil. I am stop dabur amla oil. This make my hair light and smooth too. Great Product. I also suggest it to my friends.

Nidhya Nidhya | 10-Feb-2012 | Brand Used Previously : vvd

I like very paracuute oil, thank you sampleandtry. Previously we have used another brand now we are using this brand only... our family like this... Once again I say thank to sampleandtry for giving good product.

Khushi Harchandani | 18-Jan-2012 | Brand Used Previously : Vatika

Its good for hairs. Hairs become strong & dont fall. It is pure coconut oil. If we put in head & sleep then we get nice sleep. It is the best to gain the strong & smooth hairs.

Vishal Jain | 21-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Himani

It is definitely the best pure coconut oil in the market. Recommend to use this for dry skin and for nourishing hair. The oil has no odour which means its pure and the best by so far. I do not recalling any other name other than Parachute when I think of coconut oil.

Sidharth Sachdev | 09-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Hair & Care

i liked it very much and my grand mother use this oil only but i tried this oil now and i liked the fragrance of parachute coconut oil and i very thankful to sample and try for providing this great product and i definitely tell my relatives abt this oil

Mahesh Acharya | 02-Nov-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Hair and Care

This is great hair oil..Non-sticky and light. It reached to me the next day i ordered the sample. Sample and try's great delivery network..Simpleay Great..

Siddhant Jambhale | 13-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Bajaj

Parachute Coconut oil is really good for everyday's use.Being coconut oil, it really suites to any type of hairs.It's really nice to apply it sometime before washing hairs. Sample size was really suitable to try it in best way..Thanks to sampleandtry for providing such good sample with nicely packaging.

Alpna Bansal | 13-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : hair&care

its very good... it gives warm to the hairs... also nourish our hairs... i applied it twice a week... my rough hairs nourishes... thanks for providing me such products as samples....

Anil Parmar | 12-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Nihar aamla oil

yeh!!!! parachute coconute oil is a very old and trustfull brand in india.there is nothing to say about it.just close your eyes and use it confidently.you definately feel relax with your hair.just order and try it!!!!!!thank you samples and try!!!!!

Meena Gupta | 12-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : amla

i received the sample of parachute oil when i come to office my mother in law told me one courier is coming when i open the packet. it is very cute is size . i like it. i already used parachute oil .

Vivek Shah | 12-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : nihar

parachute coconut is very good product from parachute... the quality is really amazing and i think its the best oil in market....thanks parachute and sampleandtry.com as well....

Sonam Choudhary | 11-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Clinic Plus

The product is really a great. Makes hair silky and makes me feel as if the burden of hairs is over from my head. Really enjoyed the product much better then the product i was using earlier clinic plus cocunut hair oil.Great product

Suparna Ghosh | 11-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : vatika

This was my first sample from Sample and Try and i liked it very very much.The product which i received is very good and i see a difference in my hairs after using this.Thank you sample and try.......

Priya Goyal | 08-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : maha bhirgraj

Parachute oil is good. It make my hair dandurff free and control in fair fall. i always use this in furture for dandurff free hair. mujhe to bahut accha laga.

Pallavi Mehta | 08-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur Amba

aha... what can u say about parachute coconut oil... its very light oil... hair not down sticky or heavy... after long time i used this product again.... n also feel good to used.. & yes most important things is for this oil... its make long hair... which i really like this thing in this product...

Harmanpreet Singh | 08-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : dabur amla

parachute .. it is a good coconut oil .. it doesnt have different thing in it ... it is like all other coconut oil brands .. i give 3 stars out of five .. thnxx sampleandtry for the sample .. :))

Harshita Vyas | 08-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : bajaj almond oil

the parachute coconut oil is very good i always use it and the sample pack is very handy i can carry it anywhere thank u.the product is very good and i always do the 1 hour champi(massage) before shampoo.

Anu Kapoor | 07-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Dabur Amla

A good product to use. I have received a pouch of parachute oil and after using this my hair get silky and soft. Thanks to sample & try for giving such useful samples. I also like its light smell.

Mitali Mondal | 07-Oct-2011 | Brand Used Previously : Hair & Care

Parachute coconut oil is very light hair oil and very good smell. It care my hair very gently and smoothly. Thanks Sample and Try. Thank You very much.

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