Deeply nourishes skin to a radiant daily spotless. With new Pond's white beauty, see your skin visibly transformed to a radiant daily spotless.
Sample available for Female users only

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Manjith Suvarna | 12-Jan-2012

very nice product.... used it to get noticable change... i would like to recommend it to all my friends... would like to use it on a daily basis......

Jyoti Srivastava | 04-Oct-2011

For me it worked.I could see fairness in my skin since i started using Ponds daily spotless lighting cream.Thanx Samples and try for sending me the sample which enabled me to use it and coild feel the difference between my earlier complexion and my complexion now.

Anna Basil | 26-Sep-2011

i received the ponds daily white cream though my complection is on fairer side i had some marks left behind due to pimples with this cream the marks have has lighted its just great

Barkha Kukreja | 26-Sep-2011 | Brand Used Previously : garnier

best product i have ever come across , nice cream to be used one should give it try , skin becomes more soft after using it . thanks sample and try for sending this to me

Nirmala Devi | 16-Sep-2011

Ponds daily spotless lighting cream is very fantastic and its glow my skin since I use it. This cream give me extra confidence and my skin look fresh even many hours passed. Now, I decide to purchase a big pack for me to use daily. Thanks for free pack .

Seema Sethumadhavan | 16-Sep-2011

I used it on the dark spots on face for a week, slight difference is seen, please advise how long i should use for effect. i liked applying it though .

Dimple Parekh | 05-Sep-2011

I have received the gift of ponds-daily spotless lighting cream.i have used once i liked it very much.thanks sample and try. after many rejection i have received the second sample.anyway thanks but i want to know the reason of rejection.

Dhwani Dakoria | 05-Sep-2011

this product is tooo good.... i usually use Garnier light.... but i am impressed with the product thanks to sample and try.....

Purvi Mehta | 02-Sep-2011

I got the sample and have used it. Haven't seen any effect as of yet. But I like the texture of the cream as after applying it dries & my skin doesn't feel oily. I will try it couple of times to see whether it really works.

Nisha C | 01-Sep-2011

I have been using ponds white beauty for the past 2 years. I got a sample from sample & try. After trying Ponds daily spotless lighting cream i found an enhanced skin lightening & freshness & fair skin all through the day. Thanks for sample & try and ponds.

Snehal Jalan | 01-Sep-2011

Its very nice to apply on my face. Good smell and I will definitely purchase this product. I will recommend this product to my relatives and friends . Thanks

Jahira Banu | 31-Aug-2011

I have been using continiously Ponds White Beauty Cream....The happy is i got the cream via sample and try.com..This is the first product i received from sample and try...and i loved it... Thanks ...

Bhavisha Singla | 31-Aug-2011

I found the ponds white beauty to be ok type product as i had some negative effect on my skin . after using it on my face i had pimples on my face for which i was to consult the doctor and took medicine for the same

Khushi Shah | 30-Aug-2011

i like your product very much my dark sports became so light so i am looking nice thank you for the sample and also thanks for give the sample 6-7 day realy good service for your side

Ragini Sachdev | 29-Aug-2011

This is an amazing Cream.. Helps to reduce the dark spots.. Oily skin doesn't look oily anymore.. Ponds for sure has a winner here.. Thanks for the sample.

Priti Kumari | 29-Aug-2011

Really,this is good for face.When i use this product i feel like glowing skin and my friend say WOW looking so ... What can i say for this product i suggest first you use it than ... Thank you for giving sample me.

Harpreet Kaur | 29-Aug-2011

This is my first product from sample and try.First really happy to receive it. This product is useful for me in terms of dark spot reduction on my face. May be it can be due to exposure to sunlight or any. So as this product contains both sunscreen and dark spot reduction so very useful. So i thank sampleandtry site to help me choose this product.

Neetu Juneja | 27-Aug-2011

Thanks for sending me the sample of ponds.i really like it and it was awesome. it really help to reduce dark spots and make the skin brighter,nourished and more radiant.

Neha Mishra | 27-Aug-2011

I really liked the product. A small amount of it makes a major difference. it was very effective on my oily skin which frquently gets exposed to dust and sun.

Heena Jariwala | 27-Aug-2011

the product is awesome... i had used many othe brand but the sample given by sampleandtry is very good. thanks to sampleand try..cheers.

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