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Only when kids have the all day shakti (energy) can they prepare well. And no one understands the importance of preparation better than Bournvita. Champions are tempered only through a lifetime of preparation. And Bournvita celebrates this spirit in its latest campaign.Bournvita helps children endure intense preparation. It multiplies the power of milk giving kids shakti, so that they are always ready when opportunity comes knocking.

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Atul Patil | 14-Feb-2013

Its best nutrition for kids at home, they enjoy it everyday,it helps them to boost their energy and provides them all the things which are necessary for growing age

Mukti Batra | 27-Nov-2012

EXCELLENT TASTE ! no other health drink tastes so well...my kids love it ! even i have started drinking milk as everyone suggests... before i completely ignored milk because i did not like its smell...with its 5star chocolate flavour i am back on track !

Rohit Singh | 07-Oct-2011

bournvita is a complete health drink which helps in increasing overall growth of children. the taste of bournvita is also very good. now it comes with super chargers which is good.

Sunil Niphade | 09-Sep-2011

its rally good product, my baby like the test, and thats why have to buy new pack of her, now she can not stast her mornning without bournvita, its realy good product brought by catbuory

Jyoti Aggarwal | 19-Aug-2011

We got sample of Bournvita one day. After getting it i take it with milk. It is very tasty and good for our health. Me and my family both are like Bournvita very much.

Ankur Aggarwal | 04-Aug-2011

its unique taste remindes me of my child hood memories now i am 24 but its unique taste prefer by every child its daily boost for a child to the proer growth and proper maintaned body its very very healther product for a children who completes its bodys necessaity

Sreedhar Koyyada | 01-Aug-2011

Bornvita is really good and tasty. Iam having daily 3 times instead of coffee. From now onwards i will have this one regularly. Even my grandfather also liked this one

Harsh Kanchan | 28-Jul-2011

Have tried different choco flavour based drinks but must say Bournvita is the tastiest one and always loved by kids/young/old.On;y suggestion to the company would be to launch up some new Variants of it.We'd love to taste them too.

Srishti Srivastava | 13-Jul-2011

My family has been using Bournvita for ages and everyone, young and old like it. Added to milk, it makes for a delicious drink, even for fussy kids, not to mention the additional nutrition it provides.

jaspreet chhabra | 04-Jul-2011

i placed order for cadbury bournvita. its really good in taste. the flavour the sugar content the chocolate part in the product is just perfect. it really gives very nice flavour to milk either taken hot or cold. my nephew used to avoid milk before but when he came at my place i gave him milk with bournvita by saying its a chocolate drink and he quickly finished the complete glass instantlt. since then he started having milk in this form and it got easier for my sister aswell. its really a nice product.

Pankaj Gaonkar | 28-Jun-2011

This is really nice product. when i was small i use to drink milk with that. nw i will become small to have this...would like to know is there any special offer on this. thanks for sending me this sample pack. as shown in pic i didnt get bottle i got small pack of bournvita

Vaibhav Maheshwari | 26-Jun-2011


kapil garg | 24-Jun-2011

I found the product awesome!thank you sample & try. Due to poor family we cant afford bournvita as it cost is rs.290 per kg. but sample and try make a happiness on my face.The taste of bournvita is so delicious and now in summer we used bournvita with cold milk Thanks Regards kapil garg

Abhishek Jain | 23-Jun-2011

Bournvita has a Nice chocolaty flavour and, thankfully, makes milk drinkable. But at the same time, it is somewhat costly as well, is what i believe. Anyways, its good and by far the Best chocolaty flavour to give to milk. Never tried Bournvita 5 star magic, but i am a regular user for the other bournvita and i just love it.

tarique anwar | 23-Jun-2011

bourn vita is a very tasty product.in this time childs lives a busy life style. These days, with so much going on, it's not enough to just hope he has energy. As a parent, you need to guarantee it. These days, with so much going on, it's not enough to just hope he has energy. As a parent, you need to guarantee it.i am use bourn vita daily.when i use sample.

Manish Kamthe | 23-Jun-2011

Excellent product, I am going to purchase this product regularly for my daughter..she is simple loving it...quality product we can trust and importantly its from the house of Cadbury's. Rich product with Chocalate and lots of Vitamins and Energy...can be use as a instant energy booster if you are tired :-) Trusted name worldwide...Thanks....Manish

Pranay Gupta | 23-Jun-2011

I never like to drink milk since my chilhood but my mom makes sure that i take it twice a day. Always tried many flavours but never liked anyone but when tried bournvita in a cold bournvita shake i really enjoyed it. Tahnx for sending sample and making me love drinking bournvita shake.

Hemanth Chintala | 20-Jun-2011

the product from cad bury, good in taste and high in proteins and vitamins.

Purav Shah | 18-Jun-2011

its alaways gr8 from years but they need to reduce sugar contents fr0m 70% less

Divya Panakkal | 18-Jun-2011

My child always drink Bourvita. He is happy to receive this sample.

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