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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. I am a registered user on S & T, still I can’t order any samples. Why?
  • If you get “No Samples available” message on the website under Order Sample tab, it means that stock is over. The user will need to come again after some time for ordering samples. “Try Now” link only appears when the stock for that product is available.
  • 2. When is new stock updated?
  • The stock is usually updated on Daily basis. There is no fixed time for stock update. The products will be available on First Come First Serve basis. 
  • 3. Why can’t I login into my account?
  • We might have disabled your account if we noticed that one user has created multiple accounts.
  • 4. Why my order is rejected?
  • There can be multiple reasons of rejection which vary from product to product and is decided by the manufacturer. As a policy, we do not disclose the reason of rejection to any user. For details, please read T&Cs before registering.
  • 5. How do I activate my account?
  • S&T has now introduced Mobile verification along with email verification. User will now receive a SMS with verification code as soon as he registers with Sample&Try with his mobile number. An email is also sent to the user at the same time which contains the website link (URL) where this verification code received via SMS has to be entered. For all old users of S&T who have already verified their email IDs, they should go to "My Account" to receive verification code for Mobile. 
  • 6. I do not know where to write reviews of the products.
  • The “write review” link will appear automatically 7 days after we have dispatched your sample, in "My Account" under “Review” tab. We also send mail to all users asking for the review with a link to write the review. Reviews written on Feedback section of website or sent to any email ID are not acceptable.
  • 7. If I write negative reviews about a product, will my next order be rejected?
  • NO. Negative or positive product reviews have nothing to do with rejection of orders. A user might write any kind of product reviews. However, we reject all those reviews which are copied from somewhere else.
  • 8. I am getting this message "Your product review(s) is waiting to be approved. You will be able to order next sample after approval." and I am not able to order next sample. Why?
  • When you get this message, it means either you have not written the review for the sample which you ordered previously, or you have written the review but the review has not been approved yet by S&T team. You will be able to order only when you write review and your review is approved. The review is normally approved on the same day.