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  • Spinz Talc

    Spinz Talc

    Spinz Talc comes in unique mesmerizing long-lasting fragrances: Exotic-a refreshing bouquet of mild floral fragrances, Enchante -a bold blend of fougere floral fragrances, black magic -a musky burst .... More
  • Bioway Lip Balm

    Bioway Lip Balm

    A highly active moisturizing formulation of natural ingredients like honey, almonds, herbal oils and strawberry extract that help to rehydrate dry, cracked and chapped lips, it protects from the dryi.... More


    Ponds Talcum Powder is designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer. Ponds Talcum Powder provides sheen and a smooth finish to the skin. Ponds Talcum Powder is known for its skin friendliness, soothi.... More
  • Eva Perfumed Deo Talc

    Eva Perfumed Deo Talc

    Eva perfumed deo talc offers a range of premium fragrance that will uplift your senses. It contains no fillers hence it’s the smoothesttalc you could experience. Eva Talc with Triclosan effectively p.... More


    Lipton Ice Tea is great tasting and good for you because it is rich in protective antioxidants. This is the perfect drink for your active, healthy lifestyle. It’s available in plastic bottles so you .... More
  • Pril Dishwashing Liquid

    Pril Dishwashing Liquid

    Pril has the double power of lime and vinegar. Lime cleans out the toughest grease and burnt stains while vinegar removes residual food odours.Try its effectiveness for the tough grease and regular c.... More


    It gives a refreshing taste of iced tea and lemon.Makes you feel relaxed and refreshing. More

Consumer Reviews

  • TANG Vipul Chaudhary
    I ahd used it and it taste Yumm. I should prefer tang at home all the time sure. This is better then any orange drinks available in market. goo to have one any time.
    earlier i was using promise from long time... but after trying colgate maxfresh i have started using this only.. it is very refreshing.. and its refreshness remains for a long time..
  • Oil is good, looks to be pure coconut, good one, but feel that quantity is little less and can be tried out by only one person at a time, other family members could not try it due to small quantity
  • MAGGI MASALA-AE-MAGIC Krutagna Patel
    Nice Product Maggi Masala Magic is really very useful product. this will give additional aroma of spices. good mixture of spices, we can use it for all types of vegetables
  • Emami Cold Cream Suman Jain
    Emami Malai and Kesar Cold Cream is good cream to be used in winter,when i used the emami cold Cream my skin get Soft in winter,it has good containt of malai in it.
  • DABUR AMLA OIL Sabiha Akhter
    very soothing and cooling effect it also enables a very good sleep but navratna is better than this in the cooling effect, though applying once does'nt prove anything maybe if we use it more regularly then the result is better.I wanted something for my hairfall, if you can recommend something
  • The Garnier Fructis Dry & Damaged Shampoo worked wonders for my hair. My hair have lost lustre. Loved the shampoo. It really makes hair smooth and silky.
  • This is really nice, please try it sometime. yet to find this in the nearby stores. If available, might purchase it if the cost is ok. Are there any other flavours available?
  • Beat Diesel Vipul Sharma
    good car, with average mileage, great looks but i didnt like the price. It is a diesel variant, so coz of that mileage is more, but still the company needs to reduce the price a bit.
  • Really good felt the difference of herbal and a normal one, will recommend to my friends, thanks a lot for sending such a product to me sample and try.
  • KIWI DRANEX Poonam Jadhav
    KIWI Kleen Dranex really works best and is a good product one can use for their sinks. After using it the sink really becomes clean without any stinking smell. one can really try out to see how effective it is
  • VICCO TURMERIC Aryan Mahajan
    it not only helps in making skin fair but also lighten the spots and make face clearer.
  • ACT-2 POPCORN Leena Sharma
    its very good product. i had it n i receved. mastt tha. made it as easy as i use.. yuppy becuz butter flavr is der,,, happy to got dis product.. want more sample as i have been rejected for my previus samples..
  • i used this shampoo on regular basis.... i find it very nice. it gives smooth feeling to hair. I am sure i will continue it. ..... i have recommended it for my mother also........
  • too much delicious cookies really i have some story of this biscuits .... when i recieved ur order. my brother picked that and he also likes very much and alwayss bought this for him only he is very choosy person
  • ODOMOS Venkat B
    very good product for childrens. i am really happy to sent me ODOMOS. When i am received from courier then i am extreamly very happy to get it. Thank you Very much "Sample&Try".
  • Nice cookies to enjoy. But the product was literally crushed.But kids enjoy them. Good and superb too.I bought Parle cashew cookies after trying this product.
  • it is the best makes food good in taste and it almost taste like garlic.yesterday i started using this product and made delicious chines noodles .thank you for sending me this product thank you sample and try.
  • TATA TEA PREMIUM Prasiddhi Agrawal
    The taste of tata tea premium was awesome ..... not only me even though my friends also liked it.... so, from today onwards no other tea... only TATA TEA PREMIUM..!!
  • Navratna Cool Talc Dineshkumar Patel
    The product "Himani Navratna Cool Talc" itself tells everything about it. It has really good smelt and very effective cooling effect. Highly recommended product.

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