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    Pop up some family fun with ACT II classic flavors. Whether you're home with your family for movie night or headed to a party with friends, you can't go wrong with any of our traditional buttery flav.... More


    Kissan acts as a catalyst, easing stressful moments at the dining table. With Kissan, good food is loved not shoved! More


    Nothing can be more difficult than making small efforts in our daily life towards healthy and active living. 24/7 we are engrossed in our busy schedules; skipping meals, missing walks, along with ina.... More
  • Cold Cream

    Cold Cream

    Pure Roots Moisturising Cold Cream with natural extracts of Kokum Butter & Apricot for that special protection specially in winters. 
    Sample available.... More
  • Parle 20-20 Cashew Butter Cookies

    Parle 20-20 Cashew Butter Cookies

    Parle 20-20 Cashew Butter Cookies are crispy, sweet and good in taste. These cookies are baked to a golden brown crispiness to melt in the mouth and leave you with the taste of perfection. So enjoy .... More
  • Emami Cold Cream

    Emami Cold Cream

    Emami Malai Kesar Cold Cream with Herbs is made of Malai, AloeVera and Kesar. This Non-greasy cold cream with 5 power winter formula, providing moisture,nourishment, protection from dryness while rev.... More
  • Heavens Garden Moisturiser

    Heavens Garden Moisturiser

    The dry weather can sometimes be harsh on your skin. Opt for the extra care of Heaven's Garden in these changing climate conditions.  More
  • Deep Nourish Body Lotion

    Deep Nourish Body Lotion

    Parachute Advansed Body lotion with deep nourish formula having Coconut Milk as key ingredient. Suitable for use by entire family.  More
  • Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash

    Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash

    Everyuth Naturals' clear beauty Tulsi Turmeric Face wash helps prevent pimples and helps reduce blemishes & marks. It is a 100% soap free face wash. More
  • Joy Skin Fruits Cream

    Joy Skin Fruits Cream

    Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream is a cream containing Fruit extracts, jojoba and almond oils which moisturize intensively and skin is renewed naturally revitalizing the youthful beauty. Results in soft.... More


    Bru’s specially selected and freshly roasted coffee beans offer a great cup of aromatic coffee that makes those moments of genuine warmth and happiness even more special. More

Consumer Reviews

  • NESCAFE CLASSIC Jinendra Parekh
    its taste is good compre to other brand i have tasted more then 4/5 brand but nescafe is best as its completely desolve in milk while some other are doesn't
    M-SEAL is a SEAL JOINT & OTHERS PURPOSES. It is easy to store , convenient to make and fast to JOINT, SEALS,FIXES ANY THING.I Like GOOD because it WORKING VERY GOOD.M-seal easy mix is used for sealing, joining, repairing and insulating ferrous and non ferrous metals, glass, asbestos, concrete, ceramics, etc. Used for sealing leakage in overhead/ flush tanks, pipes. For filling small holes and to secure wall plugs.
  • CLOSE UP Rajesh Tambe
    This product is Supurb!!! now we are using new CLoseup Fire& freez, the brand is better than other available in the market, qulity of product is amazing
  • it was nice using it.the colour was really gave a different look to me!would suggest others to use the same!hope you would experience it too and comment about it!
  • Gillette Series Jayprakash Prasad
    The best product i have come across,thanks for for providing ,a chance to providing the sample, Gillete is the best product, It would the best product to get the sample to try
  • DABUR GULABARI Anish Dsouza
    DABUR GULABARI is a very good has a very good smell and it makes the skin feel smootd and cool this product a lot of the best product i have ever used for my skin !!!!
  • It is showing that have got the sample however I have not received any such sample which is shoing dispatched status on your website so would not be able to prvide the feedback on the same.
  • DABUR BABOOL PASTE Deepak Chaudhry
    I used this sample & found it really useful.Personally I will like to recommend this product to people of all age groups.The taste is very good & fresh breath feeling is there which lasts for a long time.
  • Every one knows Maggi is a brand which is famous for noodles but new product from maggi i.e Vegetable Multigrainz is different from all others...It have many vegetables with is even very healthy for our health
  • Sno-tex Body Lotion Anshul Makhija
    A great product, worth recommending. Used it in the winter ,prevented my body skin from drying.I immediately bought a pack for my self for the winters.
  • wonderful shampoo !!! it really makes my hair soft and smooth !and most of all dandruff free.fragrance is also my hair are refreshed throughout the day !
  • its really nice product. I never forgot this product. I was so good and feel the deference. So, Its wonderful product for me. Thanks sample & Try. I love this product and my wife also.
  • KISSAN JAM-MIXED FRUIT Sheetal Dhamale
    Kissan has been best brand in the market, this Jam product is very yummy, my kid loves this and demands this jam and bread for breakfast. my husband is a great fan of the brand ambasador Rahul Dravid the jammy, let us see him with this add again.
  • Amazing product and after sample and try team sent me the sample , i have been using this black n shine shampoo thanks for sending this sample infact all of us are using it in the family
  • its better than others available in the market. Now I always OPT for this. Thanks THANKS THANKS THANKS Thanjs Thanks Thanks ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok OK OK Ok OK Ok OK OK
  • MAGGI PICHKOO Suryakant Bansal
    I ate this sauce and it was so tasty.I have used many products from Maggi. They all are very good. They are really quality product. Maggi pichkoo is very useful to take along on a long journey.
  • It is very nice .It blends perfectly with the liquid and gives a nice flavor along with taste. It is very handy to carry anywhere specially when we are travelling and we need a good cup of tea or coffee.
  • Oil is good, looks to be pure coconut, good one, but feel that quantity is little less and can be tried out by only one person at a time, other family members could not try it due to small quantity
  • fantastic. sure purchasing it. my family members also liked it. it maked my hair more nice smoother and fine. i like this product very much. can u pls send me some more bigger sample so can give to try to other family members
  • Nutri Choice High Fibre Digestive Biscutes is good and very tasty

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