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  • Eva Perfumed Deo Talc

    Eva Perfumed Deo Talc

    Eva perfumed deo talc offers a range of premium fragrance that will uplift your senses. It contains no fillers hence it’s the smoothesttalc you could experience. Eva Talc with Triclosan effectively p.... More
  • Bioway Lip Balm

    Bioway Lip Balm

    A highly active moisturizing formulation of natural ingredients like honey, almonds, herbal oils and strawberry extract that help to rehydrate dry, cracked and chapped lips, it protects from the dryi.... More
  • Pril Dishwashing Liquid

    Pril Dishwashing Liquid

    Pril has the double power of lime and vinegar. Lime cleans out the toughest grease and burnt stains while vinegar removes residual food odours.Try its effectiveness for the tough grease and regular c.... More
  • Spinz Talc

    Spinz Talc

    Spinz Talc comes in unique mesmerizing long-lasting fragrances: Exotic-a refreshing bouquet of mild floral fragrances, Enchante -a bold blend of fougere floral fragrances, black magic -a musky burst .... More


    It gives a refreshing taste of iced tea and lemon.Makes you feel relaxed and refreshing. More


    Ponds Talcum Powder is designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer. Ponds Talcum Powder provides sheen and a smooth finish to the skin. Ponds Talcum Powder is known for its skin friendliness, soothi.... More


    Lipton Ice Tea is great tasting and good for you because it is rich in protective antioxidants. This is the perfect drink for your active, healthy lifestyle. It’s available in plastic bottles so you .... More

Consumer Reviews

  • KISSAN JAM-MIXED FRUIT Sheetal Dhamale
    Kissan has been best brand in the market, this Jam product is very yummy, my kid loves this and demands this jam and bread for breakfast. my husband is a great fan of the brand ambasador Rahul Dravid the jammy, let us see him with this add again.
  • I've never been a huge dove fan, just because i think there is a million other products on the same line.However my mother in law has most beutiful, long, luscious hair and she uses this conditioner for her her hair.
  • VICCO TURMERIC Aryan Mahajan
    it not only helps in making skin fair but also lighten the spots and make face clearer.
  • CLEAR-ACTIVE CARE Sridevi Kannan
    Average Product. meets expectations, my hair did not feel awesome but it cleanses your hair well, but dandruff seemed to return after some time. Some more improvements in the product would be useful viz. stronger protection against dandruff and it should refrain from drying the scalp
  • this product is awesome. It really works. The moisture in it helps my hair from dryness and the shine helps me to stay focused throughout the day. I am used to it now.
  • Amazing product and after sample and try team sent me the sample , i have been using this black n shine shampoo thanks for sending this sample infact all of us are using it in the family
  • Gillette Series Jayprakash Prasad
    The best product i have come across,thanks for for providing ,a chance to providing the sample, Gillete is the best product, It would the best product to get the sample to try
    Its a very good product........ clean the cloths with less effort ......... and smell great
  • i like this hairfall defense shampoo,because it make my hair so soft and shiny rather than making rough .thanks to sample and try for giving the sample for try and used for ever....tahnks once again
  • The Garnier Fructis Dry & Damaged Shampoo worked wonders for my hair. My hair have lost lustre. Loved the shampoo. It really makes hair smooth and silky.
  • its taste good its like real i am thanks to sample and try for sending me sample..:) of hommade toamato puree........... this produt is best. thanx sample and try again for this sample
  • Barbarian Power Gym Sandeep Barkaley
    barbarian gym service is very good they provide best instructor with good step to step coordination to there fcilitators i am happy to avail that service thank you
  • Enchanteur - Charming Bhumika Karecha
    I liked the fragrance of this product,though I am fan of lighter fragrances.My family loved the perfume and appreciated my presence with it:) I would recommend to use once its gonna be loved
  • hi.. itz juzz superb product, i juzz love to use itz product, bcoz of this product my lips r juzz become to soft n pink.. blue heave is a superb company.. itz lip balm is so flavoured
  • COLGATE CIBACA Geetu Vijay
    We have been using colgate paste only from my chilhood as I remember but now after using Colgate-Cibaca I think we will now be buying only Colgate-Cibaca as it feels very good and refreshing after use and thank you very very much for the wonderful sample.
  • BRU LITE Jignesh Jain
    amazin brand.every1 must try dis. it has got a good taste.please try dis at home.there is less caffeine is godd for health.doctors will advice dis to you.research has confirmd dat bru lite is the best coffee in d world.i recomend u to please try dis product
  • Its a very good product and very effective too. I used it for 2 months that is money saving also. Dishes were very clean and shining.i will like to recommend this product to others also.
  • This perfume aroma is too top. i daily used this perfume Gel and i also told my friend to used this Perfume. before i used the pure Poison perfume this is very costly but Sweet Heart Perfume not a costly and it also available comfortable price. finally i'm very happy to use this Perfume.
  • nice soap to use having good smell nice packing one should give this a try thanks sample and try for leting us aware abt the new products in the market
  • HAIR & CARE Prateek Goel
    I tried it... ita good... better thqn the one I m using.... better than parachute... wouod appreciate a bigger sample though .... its non sticky and does nit eesemble a oily head... thats the biggest advantage ofusing it... good .. keep coming up wid such variants

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