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    Ponds Talcum Powder is designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer. Ponds Talcum Powder provides sheen and a smooth finish to the skin. Ponds Talcum Powder is known for its skin friendliness, soothi.... More
  • Bioway Lip Balm

    Bioway Lip Balm

    A highly active moisturizing formulation of natural ingredients like honey, almonds, herbal oils and strawberry extract that help to rehydrate dry, cracked and chapped lips, it protects from the dryi.... More


    Lipton Ice Tea is great tasting and good for you because it is rich in protective antioxidants. This is the perfect drink for your active, healthy lifestyle. It’s available in plastic bottles so you .... More
  • Pril Dishwashing Liquid

    Pril Dishwashing Liquid

    Pril has the double power of lime and vinegar. Lime cleans out the toughest grease and burnt stains while vinegar removes residual food odours.Try its effectiveness for the tough grease and regular c.... More
  • Eva Perfumed Deo Talc

    Eva Perfumed Deo Talc

    Eva perfumed deo talc offers a range of premium fragrance that will uplift your senses. It contains no fillers hence it’s the smoothesttalc you could experience. Eva Talc with Triclosan effectively p.... More


    It gives a refreshing taste of iced tea and lemon.Makes you feel relaxed and refreshing. More
  • Spinz Talc

    Spinz Talc

    Spinz Talc comes in unique mesmerizing long-lasting fragrances: Exotic-a refreshing bouquet of mild floral fragrances, Enchante -a bold blend of fougere floral fragrances, black magic -a musky burst .... More

Consumer Reviews

    An amazing product , now I am a regular consumer and my complexion has a reliable product as a constant companion for all seasons.The cream is not sticky and a good protection for Indian climatic conditions.
  • it is the best makes food good in taste and it almost taste like garlic.yesterday i started using this product and made delicious chines noodles .thank you for sending me this product thank you sample and try.
  • Easy to use and long lasting fragrance, safe for skin
  • MAGGI MASALA Ruchi Agarwal
    I have never received this product form sample and try althogh they claimed like that. But I purchased it from the market regularly and I just Loooooovvvvvveeeee it. Its a must for everyone to try.
  • PONDS TALC Prashant Mangal
    very good product for my wife. i am really happy to sent me. When i am received from courier then i am extreamly very happy to get it. Thank you Very much "Sample&Try".
  • This is really nice, please try it sometime. yet to find this in the nearby stores. If available, might purchase it if the cost is ok. Are there any other flavours available?
  • sorry for late reply,but thanks for sending me the sample of pickle.our family tasted but the quality of that pickle is not good. so i will not recommend to but this sample. thank you !
    i first time teste this type product. thanx sample and try to provide me horlicks nutribar. many other sample in q. i think this product is too nice. when my child use it he demand me more. i purchase all 3 flavours from market.
  • Kokila Mehndi Swati Gupta
    Kokila Mehandi was very nice. Lasts long. Better than the previous brand I used. This mehandi has no chemicals, i liked this thing the best. Thank you so much.
  • hi.. itz juzz superb product, i juzz love to use itz product, bcoz of this product my lips r juzz become to soft n pink.. blue heave is a superb company.. itz lip balm is so flavoured
  • BRYLCREAM-WET LOOK Poonam Kapoor
    Brylcream wet look gel gives you strength and durability with a dependable flake free hold and a wet look finish. Mu husband uses gel on his hair in the morning after shower. he has short hair and likes to have a good cut. He takes pride in his appearance especially his hair. He always wants to keep it in good condition. I would definitely recommend this as my husband says that the quality is super and very good value for money and the texture of the gel is very nice and smooth and not tacky. It is also very easy to wash out at the end of the day and it has left his ....
  • This is a really nice product. It completely justifies the brand name of Sunsilk. Its got a nice fragrance too. Also fulfills the promise of damaged hair reconstruction to some extent.
  • This perfume aroma is too top. i daily used this perfume Gel and i also told my friend to used this Perfume. before i used the pure Poison perfume this is very costly but Sweet Heart Perfume not a costly and it also available comfortable price. finally i'm very happy to use this Perfume.
  • NESCAFE CLASSIC Jinendra Parekh
    its taste is good compre to other brand i have tasted more then 4/5 brand but nescafe is best as its completely desolve in milk while some other are doesn't
  • The sample was good, gives is idea wheather to go for the product or not, overall nice experience. Sample & try thanks for making this available this as a free sample.
  • i used this shampoo on regular basis.... i find it very nice. it gives smooth feeling to hair. I am sure i will continue it. ..... i have recommended it for my mother also........
  • Joy Facewash Ekta Godhwani
    Hi this product was good, I experience total new joy with face washing. just loved it.Thanks for the sample.would surely like to try other products of Joy.
  • the perfume was very good it smells very nice i am really impressed the product we get in this site are nice one as it is a international brand it smells like that
  • i have used the sample and it gave excellent results. It stops the hair fall by offering new lease of life to the hairs and make them strong. i can expereince the result for my self and i recommend the same for other people who are suffering from hair fall problem.
  • Topaz Cold Cream Piyush Jain
    The cream was good and reached very fast. Good for cold time. Very small size of the bottle. You can try it out. However, Comparative good creams are available in the market.

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